With some swearing

The war between the voice of the hurt, feeling cheated, upset, rejected little girl and the guiding light voice – the voice in me but not from me…

Hurt girl:  I just want to say FUCK you – to all of you – every single rejection, every hurtful word..

Guiding light voice:  Just live your life well…

And I’m trying so so hard – today not to give in.

I’ve banned my phone from my office, our receptionist is holding it hostage, sitting on my hands – not enough today.

Hopefully the 90km’s on Sunday will give me perspective again

Nothing earth shattering happened – I’m just so sick and tired of the bull…

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One Response to War

  1. halberts2014 says:

    Aaah, Fuck It All. I agree. Some days just seem worse than others.
    Good luck, fight through the crap. You can do it.
    Have a good run. 90kms? Wow, I think before driving that. Can’t imagine running it

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