Stomping my foot!

“He took my friend” – I feel like a toddler who wants to run to the teacher or her mum to tattle.

My friend – E – the one that carried me through this past 8 months is single – very happily single but I do think that we all do want to have somebody even if we do say differently.

So about 2 weeks ago I was talking to one of our project engineers at work and I just had this lightbulb moment – E would get on like a house on fire with this engineer.

I organised a date between them and it worked out really well – for now they really look very smitten with each other – I’m so happy for them – they are really lovely people and they deserve happiness.  So it seems although I’m very good at matchmaking but not so good at choosing somebody for myself! 🙂

And then a few questions I had on Comrades, the logistics and how it’s going with my prep.

Firstly – Helen – if, heavens forbid you do have to stop during the race… they have the equivalent to the white Toyota taxi’s driving up and down the route the whole time.  If you bail and flag one down – the official in the taxi will rip off your number and then allow you to get in.  The taxi will then take you to the finish where they have a separate entrance where they process you.  My mom experienced this and she said it is absolutely awful.  So we call these taxi Bail buses and if you see one close to you  – you ask them “kindly” to go away.  In 2013 – I had one foot in a bail bus when fellow runners pulled me out and I did finish in the end.

Spare socks – yes we do take some with but we give it to the people that second us next to the road to keep for us.  Remember – we don’t have backpacks or anything with us.  We carry the bare essentials and socks aren’t a bare essential.  I do carry some tissues with me in case of an emergency.  Comrades also have a lot of spectators next to the road and since they are normally friends and family of runners they all carry a variety of stuff with them.  So when in need it’s normally quite easy to just ask somebody for loo roll or a pain killer or a sweet or even a sip of beer!

My Comrades training – Deblet – well that is over now – I’ll do a few short runs this week – Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday – I can’t do anything to my fitness now – for now I have to keep my legs used to running, keep healthy and not injure myself.  So no high heels,  no running up and down stairs and staying away from anybody with a sniffle or a cough.  Also no drinking this week – except liters and liters of water.  Contrary to popular believe, I don’t carbo-load before Comrades – I’ve done it in my first year and all it did was to make me feel heavy and sluggish and I never got rid of that excess weight around my stomach until this year.

So what do I pack for Comrades?

Well the most important is my club vest with my license number, then my shoes with my timing chip on it and my bra – if I have those three things I’m ok – the rest I can buy because it’s interchangeable.  But they will include – a buff, shorts, socks, cap, sunglasses, gloves for the cold start and a t-shirt that I can throw away.

Before the time – suntan lotion, chafe cream and vaseline and a cereal bar for breakfast and a cup of coffee.  And the most important is to have that morning constitutional before you set out to go to a race.  So many mornings I’ll jog up and down the corridor to get things going… (blush, blush, blush)

Carrying with me whilst running – chia seeds, lipbalm (that is an emergency chafe cream, suntan lotion and for dry lips), race food nougat, honey and peanut butter mix in bank sachets,  tissues, an extra hair tie, my phone, and a small bag of biltong.  And Charliesbird – don’t react – 2 Myprodols.

My support crew – extra chia seeds, extra nougat, suntan lotion, chafe cream and anything else that I can think of that is in my permanent running bag.

So yes it is quite a story to prepare but I’ve done it so many times that I’m quite relaxed.

Any more questions? 🙂




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4 Responses to Stomping my foot!

  1. halberts2014 says:

    Only 2 Myprodols? I have that for breakfast, LOL
    I’m going to google chia seeds as I haven’t a clue. Must be a running thing.
    Sounds a bit rough “rip of you number” Meanies

    • runnermum says:

      Hee hee – I never ever take pain killers – even poor old Zoe has to battle through the pain or we have to get in the car to go and buy something.
      Chia Seeds are seeds taken by an ancient tribe in Mexico for energy. The book – “Born to run” talks about it – don’t attempt to read if you are not interested in running though 🙂

  2. charliesbird says:

    No moaning from me, but I do think Stilpane would be better! hehe!

  3. Deblet says:

    Sounds like you are sorted.
    My sister says got cross buns along the route and before the race… Strange things everyone does.
    Most important thing to just enjoy the run


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