Oops I did it again

A weekend without Zoe – always bad always lonely always floundering.

But at least this weekend I only had to get through Sunday.  Saturday was eaten up by another 50km run.

Andy – the running husband offered to give me a lift to the start of the 50km – the town where the race start is about 90 minutes drive from us.  So I had to go to bed early on Friday to be ready at 3:10 on Saturday morning.

All the way there I kept telling Andy that we have to run slowly – I’ve got Two Oceans in my legs and this is supposed to be my last long slow run.

We started and as usual Andy and myself had our crazy laughter bantering going on, we then picked Scottie up – another fellow runner and the The Nurse – still doesn’t know her name but she kinda go caught up with our group and she laughed at our banter so she was allowed to stay.

And then Andy started to get quiet.  And I immediately knew – Andy was taking strain – and it’s most probably because he has to visit a bush for a number 2.  So I told him to go and he can just catch up again.  We do have this ritual where he leaves me to go for a number 1 or 2 and I then speed up and he has to run like a rabbit to catch me and swear at me because I’m sneaky and stupid etc – but it’s also a challenge for him to see how long it will take to catch me and a challenge for me to see how long I can run really fast.

Next to drop off was Scottie, he had to make a pitstop as well and it was me and The Nurse that was left.  Kept on running and talking and whilst I was talking to another runner about Two Oceans, she just stopped and said – you go ahead – I’m walking.

So I waved her off – it was her first ultra and I didn’t want to put pressure on her.  And I kept going – not thinking about times or splits or anything – just waiting for Scottie and Andy to catch up with me.

And before I knew it I was finished without Scottie or Andy catching up.  With another personal best on a 50km race in the bag – without trying.

The rest of the day passed in a blur or catching a bus back to the race start, bus stopping dead on a big uphill, watching people get off to make the bus lighter and the bus finally going again.  Feeling very happy to get to the car.

And then the drive back home took forever.  I got home, couldn’t even shower, just took a bath, wolfed down half a pie and collapsed in bed.  Slept until the next morning.

But Comrades training is over – now I have to maintain my fitness and try and stay away from all germs.

It’s going to be an interesting day on the 4th.



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6 Responses to Oops I did it again

  1. halberts2014 says:

    LOL at number 2 in the bush. I know you guys have gotta go. Where to you keep the TP?

    • Surita Botha says:

      Who says we use TP? Lol no – most running shorts has a pocket and we keep it in bank baggies in the pocket to keep dry. On long runs I run with a bag – almost like a moon bag – around my waist with TP, lip-ice and some Rehidrate, Race food and gels.
      But then if you see a runner without a sock? You know the runner didn’t have TP and the sock was sacrificed.

      • halberts2014 says:

        LOL, I’ve never really noticed any runners missing socks but now I will definitely be on the look out.
        A bank baggie doesn’t seem nearly big enough to hold all the TP.
        So, moral of the story? Don’t ever wear your best socks whilst out on a run

  2. charliesbird says:


  3. catjuggles says:

    Oh wow! Well done. I actually never thought of those little practicalities

  4. Deblet says:

    Wow weee congrats on an awesome run again

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