I did it again!

So Tuesday I ran a personal best on a 21 – 1:57.

Ran 21 on Saturday – not going out hard – we kept on telling ourselves we are doing a slow training run – yes that is me and running husband Andy.  We finished in 2:05 and the course was 500m’s long.

And then yesterday morning another 21 – weather conditions were miserable – cold, wet and windy.  At the start Andy and myself kept telling ourselves – we are not racing, it is a training run, we are going slowly.  Hahahahah – we started to run like crazy people and finished in a time of 1:54!!!!  On tired legs.

Two personal bests in one week!  I honestly do not know how and why this is happening now – it can’t be just the weightloss.  It must be more than physical – I’m just amazed at how I’m running at the moment – there is  a sense of “looseness” and relaxation and freedom that I can’t really describe.

So I have now decided that I’m going to go to Two Oceans and try my utmost to run a sub 6 there – I honestly don’t know if I’ll be able to do it BUT I can only try.

And then onto something really different.  I sometimes think that people have an extreme mental disconnect when they see me and when they hear me talk and what can come out of my mouth.

I suppose I look like the typical dumb blond – blond hair, blue eyes and let’s be honest a body that is not too shabby – so I’m normally judged on that BUT then I open my mouth and out come things that doesn’t belong in a dumb blond’s head.

On Saturday people came to look at the house and I could hear they wanted to convert part of the house into a granny flat and before I could stop myself I jumped into the conversation with prices of getting things done, plans on how do to it and locations of water pipes and electricity.  I could actually see these people just getting more and more confused with the knowledge I have about something that is supposed to be in the male realm of things.

Well hold thumbs – they came back for a second look yesterday so hopefully all my suggestions and enthusiasm will pay off.

Have a wonderful week my blog friends!


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3 Responses to I did it again!

  1. halberts2014 says:

    Congrats on the running. Perhaps all these other “issues” have been weighing heavy in your running shoes. Everything is sorting itself out now.
    LOL, I hear you on the dumb blonde thing 😉 We aren’t half bad really

  2. catjuggles says:

    Holding thumbs all the time! And wow well done!!!

  3. Deblet says:

    Congrats on another outstanding run
    Very glad you are going to come down for 2 Oceans.
    Holding thumbs for the house sale.

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