Another victim…

Today we had to say goodbye to Daisy, our Border Collie.  The future is exceptionally uncertain at the moment and when somebody offered her a home I knew I have to accept.  I know she will have a wonderful, happy and spoiled life with Y and that Y will love her more than we can.

So just another victim of the divorce – the ripple effect is so much wider and bigger than you can ever imagine.

I’ve know for about 2 weeks that I have to do.  I didn’t tell Zoe until yesterday and my child has been crying non-stop since then.  I  had to tell her because Daisy is joining her new family this weekend.

Poor Daisy has always been a one man dog and she has chosen the soon to be ex as her man.  She has been pining and waiting for him and if he did come to the house to pick up Zoe, Daisy’s happiness was almost pathetic.  And since he moved out, with the other two dogs and my emotional state she has just turned into more and more of an outsider.

So even though my heart is breaking today because she was our first dog and she is an amazing dog and I never ever wanted to commit to a dog and then give that commitment to someone else, I just have no choice in the matter.  And it is not something that I chose to happen to any of the victims in this story.

So goodbye my dear Daisy dog.  You are such a gentle soul with so much dignity – I will carry you in my heart and soul forever and I’m really so so sorry….


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4 Responses to Another victim…

  1. halberts2014 says:

    Aaah man, Daisy is beautiful. It’s sad but at the same time at least you found her a loving home and didn’t just drop her off at some shelter where she will wait for ever to be adopted.
    PS, Jack looks just like our Marley 🙂

  2. catjuggles says:

    So now why did he take the other two and left her? You did the very best you could for her and you know she will be very happy there.

  3. Deblet says:

    Ai so sorry man but she is going to a great home and will be loved.
    Good luck for the weekend.
    We had to give our one birder collie away many years ago and I loved seeing him walking along many of our neighbourhood roads with his new owners.

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