This week…

This week so far has not been about pink milkshakes and pink roses.  Rather contracts, lawyers, documents and lots of stress and tears.

I can’t believe it is only Tuesday.  I’m washed out with a skin that can rival any teenager with acne and in this wet weather in Gauteng my hair is a mess, my size 29 Levis are falling off and I’m just so so tired.

And I can’t run because it is raining the WHOLE time.  Makes my stress levels even higher and the swimming pool greener.

So no – not a good week at all.  I need prayers – lots and lots and lots of them.

Tomorrow I’ll be able to lift my head again and walk tall but today I just want to wallow for a short while.




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4 Responses to This week…

  1. halberts2014 says:

    Wallow as much as you like, that is why we are here. Some days it seems like you just won’t make it and then the next you wonder what you were worrying about.
    I really do hope that this divorce get sorted soon so that you can get on with the fab life that awaits.

  2. Deblet says:

    Lots of love and.orayera coming your way.

  3. charliesbird says:

    sending strength and peace…

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