So obviously today should be an absolute crap day.  First Valentine’s day that I’m on my own in 24 years.  But more and more I have to ask – was I ever with somebody?

Anyway – I’ve decided not to dwell on romantic love today.  I’ve got my most beautiful sexy little black number on, killer heels, make-up and big earrings.  And I’m doing my utmost best to have a smile to go with this.

I’m struggling – my lower back has been giving me problems for about 4 months now – absolutely stress related – it has moved into my sciatic nerve and into my bum muscles – it hurts ALL the time.  The stress has now also moved in my shoulders and neck so I can’t move without hurting.  But that will also go away.

But today – today I’m celebrating all love except for romantic love.  I’ve realised that other love is so much more important.  So tonight I’m making dinner for my mom, Zoe and my friend E – my sister by choice and not by blood.  So celebrating sibling love, parent love and child love and now that I think about it – I may just invite my brother and his kids as well.  And lets not forget my dogs – where can you get bigger more unconditional love than that.

And it will be a great celebration.

Have a wonderful Valentines day – regardless if you are alone or lonely or surrounded by people that you love.

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6 Responses to Today

  1. halberts2014 says:

    Happy Valentines Day friend ((hug)) You are right, it’s a day for everyone
    PS, those heels probably aren’t doing much for your sore back 🙂 Time for a chiro visit. It usually sorts out all my achy muscles. Or maybe a massage????

  2. catjuggles says:

    I love your attitude = happy V day to you too! And yes, unconditional puppy love is just the best

  3. Nats says:

    Happy loVe day to you and your family xxx

  4. MamaCat says:

    Just love and love some more. it’s sure to make you it too.

  5. Deblet says:

    Sounds like a perfect Valentine’s to me.
    We spent it mopping,cleaning dust and moving furniture back

  6. Elize says:

    Good luck with this road.

    I’d like it if I could read your other blog. Have been following your blog for years.

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