A new blog

All my blogging peeps, I’m planning to start a new blog, I’m not killing runnermum I’ll still post about being a mum and a runner but I need a platform where I can post about the other me, not the airy fairy me but the darker runnermum.

This blog will be completely private, only bloggers I know will be accepted or people that my known bloggers know that want to read it.

Please note that this is not going to be a feel good blog and I will most probably call a spade a $&@$)(( spade.

For now, I’m working on setting it up and once I figured it out I’ll let you guys know and those who are not faint hearted can request access.

For now – I’m fine and glowing according to my mom – she does wear rose tinted glasses where I’m concerned but I know 2017 will be a challenge…

I pray a lot and I run a lot and I eat a lot. But mostly I’m listening to God and the messages He is sending.

Speak to you all in 2017. Stay safe, enjoy your evening whatever you decide to do and most of all, just love….

And yes that is my word for 2017 – love…

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6 Responses to A new blog

  1. Great thing to start something honest and not always fairytales, because lets face it, life sucks in chapters that we go through, but dont ever stop believing in yourself, you are much stronger than you think. 2016 was just a big bag of lemon sucking balls, may you find the new you in 2017 and may the new blog help you to just air it all out. Looking forward to connecting more with you in 2017

  2. Deblet says:

    So very good to hear from you.Yiu sound great by the way…loving the new outlook on life.
    Look forward to the new blog will be there as always to listen to all you have to say.
    Onwards and upwards for 2017 and God will lead you forward just follow His lead.

  3. sharons58 says:

    I do hope I still get to read your new blog! Love and hugs

  4. charliesbird says:

    2017 is going to be your year to reclaim yourself, after 2016 nearly destroyed you. You are doing amazingly, and that is testament to your inner strength. Be the warrior we all know you are!

  5. emve says:

    would like to follow your new blog. if you remember me, that is 😉

  6. halberts2014 says:

    A new start, love it! All the best for 2017. I hope I will be a privy to the darker you. We all have dark sides.

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