No Bridget No!!

If you haven’t see Bridget Jones’ baby and you are planning to see it later on.  Stop reading RIGHT NOW.

This post will be have spoilers about the movie.



So I went to see Bridget Jones’ baby on Saturday night with my mom and a running friend.  I needed a bit of light entertainment because I had PMS, Zoe was with her dad and I was just feeling exceptionally sorry for myself.

And then the reason why I’m so upset with Bridget?  Well I think I can relate with her quite a lot – I’m also a bit accident prone, awkward, silly and clumsy.  I did marry my Mr Darcy – quiet, brooding, not in touch with his inner feelings, clever, exceptionally good at his job, attractive – basically just like Mr Darcy just better looking.

And guess what?  It ended in tears and a divorce because his inability to talk and show emotion made it impossible to have a long lasting working marriage, because you can’t help or correct if you don’t know what is going on in another person’s head…. 😦


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5 Responses to No Bridget No!!

  1. halberts2014 says:

    Aww, hugs RM. Glad to hear you aren’t staying at home on your own. Sounds like you have a wonderful support system to help you

  2. catjuggles says:

    It rang a bell with you

  3. Deblet says:

    Ai sorry man.Glad you got out for the evening. How was Zoe visit with Dad?

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