People are strange

So this morning was a good lesson to me and Zoe.  One of the directors are worked SMS’ed me to ask me to go and have coffee with him.  Now first of all – I feel this is exceptionally unprofessional, secondly this was at about 7 this morning and thirdly – we are barely cordial to each other at work, so how the hell does he want to go and sit down for coffee.  So I lied and I told him I have a meeting at school that I have to attend.

And then I said to Zoe – you see what happens when you lie – I can’t go to work now because I have told somebody at work that I have another meeting.  She thought it was hilarious and agreed that lying may not be such a good idea!

So I took myself on a cheap date – I went for a coffee at MacDonalds.  I chose the most remote table to sit at and I also sat with my back to the restaurant.  The rest of the restaurant was completely empty.  Surely my body language should have been enough to tell people to stay away.  And this is where I just shake my head at people.

Two women came in, and sat right behind me but so right behind me that I couldn’t sit back in the seat without touching her.  And she then proceeding to crunch and munch her way through a whole table of food!  Now why why why would you choose to sit right behind somebody when all of the tables in the restaurant are unoccupied?

It is almost like when you park in an open parking space far away from all the other cars and shops and somebody comes and park RIGHT next to you.

I can never understand this type of behaviour.  Or is it just me that has an exceptionally big personal space that I don’t want to have invaded?

And then back to the director inviting me for coffee.  After I have send my whopper of a lie off in an SMS  – he insisted to meet me privately at the office.  Now reading it in that context it does look very very suspect.  I got to work and send him an email asking that he should respect my current situation and refrain from any conversations of a personal nature because I can’t deal with more emotional turmoil.  He read it but didn’t say anything, so here is hoping that he will leave me alone.

Have a wonderful weekend.



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2 Responses to People are strange

  1. halberts2014 says:

    Also don’t like people invading my space. Why would those women sit right on top of you? Hope you checked your bag afterwards. Gosh, I’m so untrusting.
    Let’s hope he leaves you alone. Wonder what he wanted to early in the morning. He obviously wanted to chat about personal stuff coz he hasn’t contacted you since you told him you aren’t going to chat about that.
    It’s the weeekeeeeend Baby

  2. Deblet says:

    I hate it when I parked a mile away only to come back to my car and find some huge 4×4 parked super close when there are tons of other parkings.
    Seems weird to contact you so early for a coffee date.Both Hubbie and I are strict about these kind of arrangements and tell anyone who tries to make a spur of the moment appt to arrange it at least the day before.

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