The Big Red Barn

The Big Red Barn – this may just be Nirvana for any type of sporty person or active kids.

Since discovery it we have been back 3 times and that is just in this school holiday.

This is a venue with a Big Red Barn which houses a restaurant.  The premises are criss-crossed with trail running paths and mountain biking paths.

I don’t know how much it is to cycle on the mountain biking paths but to run there is R30 and it is for the day.  Quite safe and an 8km or 5km loop to run in the veld.

They also have a lovely green lawn in front of the restaurant where you can picnic or just sit to soak up the sunshine whilst the kids ride their bikes on the purpose built track for bicycles.  Lost of loops and ups and downs to keep them occupied.

And then there is a ceramic cafe where you can choose a ceramic piece and paint it.  You pay for the piece, paint is included and they glaze and bake it as well. 10 days later – a beautiful creation.  And the cakes at this cafe is to die for.

I suppose the biggest draw card for the kids and a perfect place for a birthday party for active tweens are the acrobranch in the trees.  Basically an obstacle course in the air with a few ziplines thrown in.

I took Zoe there yesterday and we basically spend the whole day there.  Cake and painting for breakfast, then ziplining, then a decadent milkshake and fries for lunch and the I spend the afternoon lazing on the lawn whilst Zoe was cycling around.

I felt so guilty after all that sinful eating that I got up a 4 this morning to go for a run.  I can feel that I’m starting to go into slow  motion now.  Not used to getting up this early.

Some piccies to show you the eats and treats….

Vanilla fudge cake – really one of the best cakes I’ve had.IMG_3477

Zoe up in the air hanging on for dear life..


The freak milkshake – note the bottle of water in the background – trying to keep it healthy 😉


The brownie wedge that was balanced on top of the milkshake


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2 Responses to The Big Red Barn

  1. catjuggles says:

    Our kids love Acrobranch – we have not done anything else there than have lunch or attend parties but I would love to take the kids cycling

  2. Deblet says:

    Flip that place looks amazing

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