The face

When the realisation dawned that Comrades 2016 is not going to happen.  The physio told me this morning that it is still possible, but I don’t know.  Yesterday was to be the deciding factor – I HAD to run 50km’s and I managed 21.

So I don’t know – I’m confused and depressed and my body is sore and bruised.

So I’m going to go away and hide in a hole for a bit.

But before I go – I just want to say that the running community is amazing.  The amount of people that stopped and hugged and encouraged me yesterday was so wonderful and positive and uplifting.

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6 Responses to The face

  1. Deblet says:

    Ai my friend…sorry about this tough when these things happen.Take care of yourself.

  2. MamaCat says:

    Sometimes a hole is just what the doctor ordered. Good Luck with your decision. It it is not an easy one.

  3. halberts2014 says:

    Listen to your body, and your doctor. You need a rest. It’s tough, I know. You’ll just have to blog more 🙂
    Big Hugs (())

  4. charliesbird says:

    Hide away, lick those wounds, heal, and come back, ready to have fun! Running was becoming a chore, and I am determined to make it fun again, so I am taking all the pressure off myself! We will meet in Oudsthoorn, and we will have a blast there!

  5. catjuggles says:

    So sorry my friend. Heal up – next year will be your year

  6. Michelle P says:

    Don’t overthink the injury, rest, stretch and focus on your body healing. From your photo you are Comrades ready. 🙂 You have enough muscle memory to finish it ..its not over yet. Three quarters of the battle is in your head, a battle which you have won many times. Find a good book to read with your feet up. 🙂 and line up come Comrades day !

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