Food prices

A few weeks ago I bought lemons without realising that I still have some at home.  Much to my amazement I saw that the price of lemons went up with 9% in 2 weeks.

This then made me wonder about the prices of food.  Do you notice how much you pay for the essentials?  Do you know how much you pay for a loaf of bread, cheese and milk?

I must admit that I have a ball park figure in my head but not an exact price.

None of us believe that inflation is 7%, we all know that it is way more but to actually see how much things go up in the space of 2 weeks is mind boggling.  You do have to ask – is this inflation or is this big corporations seeing a chance to make extra money?

So being the nerd I am – I’ve started a spreadsheet.  I log everything I buy with the date and the price.  I’ve only done this for two trips but already the price increases are mind boggling.

These were all bought and compared at Woolworths – however Food Lovers Clover milk was R4 more expensive that the Woolworths brand.

2l of milk – up by R2  – 9.3%

6 small yogurts – up by R2 – 9.1%

plastic bags – up by 4c – do you even know how much you pay for plastic bags – I thought it was about 20c – well much to my amazement it is actually 51c!!! – 9.2%

So this is now a challenge to myself – I’m not going to shop at one shop only.  I going to make a concerted effort to buy the essentials from places that is cheapest.  I have a Woolworths, a Pick ‘n Pay, a Spar, a Checkers and a Food Lovers market all within a 2km range from my house.  I think the days of the attitude that time is more valuable than money is over.

Scary times….

Just to show you how lemons increased – look at this photo.


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5 Responses to Food prices

  1. halberts2014 says:

    They are actually stealing lemons and oranges from Kirkwood, a big plantation just outside PE. They pinch the export quality ones
    Now we now why

  2. catjuggles says:

    I nearly had a heart attack yesterday when I saw what Butro is costing now. R54 a tub- just about a month ago it was R46

  3. Deblet says:

    I’m pretty good with prices and compare all the time.I will only buy fruit and veg if the price is reasonable…can go without if crazy expensive.Things are getting crazy expensive.

  4. MamaCat says:

    Yes, prices are only going up. I am write aware of prices and keep them in mind. Like Deblet, I will go without if I think it is too expensive. Fresh fruit and veggies are great, but I also freeze a lot so I can have it when I want, especially fruit. I drink smoothies so it works well.

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