The month of February…

So once again I didn’t reach my running target – I managed 191km’s and not the targeted 230km’s.  However I didn’t run for almost a week due to various factors and it doesn’t matter how hard I tried it is almost impossible to catch up 40km’s in a week and a bit – my legs and time were just not on my side.

However in comparison with last year I’m still ahead and I survived last year’s Comrades so here is hoping.

And then I went running yesterday whilst Zoe was playing netball – yes I was so extremely grateful for the extra day in February because it gave me the opportunity to run some extra kilometers for February! 🙂  After my run one of the mums said to me that she envy me because it must be so nice to be so passionate about something and to do it all the time and it makes her feel so bad because she doesn’t feel passionate about anything.

And then I started to think about this – I really don’t want to make people feel bad, I much rather want to inspire people to try and do something – it may not be running but I want to show that with all the juggling we do with our busy lives it is still possible to have something to feel passionate about.  Us woman are our own worst enemies – we should really encourage each other more instead of gossiping and judging.  We are all just trying our best – and everybody’s best is different…

What else happened in February?

  1.  Hubby is so completely swamped at work – I honestly don’t know how he is going to cope – he is not running, he is gaining weight and he is drained and depressed.  I feel so sorry for him.
  2. Sis in law was informed on Monday that she has been retrenched and her last day is Wednesday – how awful – especially if you think the company is a household name and you see them everywhere.  So if anybody knows of a secretarial position somewhere in Cape Town let me know please.
  3. Our silly Border Collie managed to rip a big hole in her chest.  It was an operation first to get rid of the dead flesh and then she continued to scratch and lick until she got a plastic collar – that didn’t last long – she lost is somewhere in the garden.  Now she is bandaged and it looks although she is wearing a vest – she is so irritated, she is rubbing against everything and trying to bite the bandages off, but at least the wound is finally starting to heal.  Did I mention that they had to restitch the wound 3 times because of her licking and scratching?
  4. It seems although Zoe has turned a corner academically – her average marks are about 10% better than last year – amazing what a difference a teacher can make.
  5. And then the unmentionable threat hanging over all our heads with school going kids – lice.  Yes Zoe managed to pick it up somewhere and I’ve been battling with it since middle January.  I’m at my wits end – I have now tried everything and just when we think the battle is over, we get another one.  The amount of money I have spend on treatments are just crazy.  And Zoe doesn’t have normal kid’s hair, so to comb it out with that little metal comb takes at least three hours!!!  My theory is now that there is a kid in class with lice and the parents aren’t treating it and Zoe picks it up from this kid…  I want to wrap her head in cling film!!!  And now I’m scratching again!! 🙂
  6. Work is crazy AND it is year end so I better get cracking again.
  7. We went to Marakele this past weekend, it is close to Thabazimbi.  But I want to do a complete blog post about the small towns of South Africa.

Thanks Helen for reaching out last week – I really needed your kind words.




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9 Responses to The month of February…

  1. halberts2014 says:

    Yes, I think us mums especially lose ourselves in family and careers. I hear you, but I’m doing nothing about it.
    Poor hubby and SIL. I hope they get there mojo back soon. I can’t imagine being told to pack up in 2 days.
    We got the lice letter from school the other day. Just a letter of what to do, not notifying us of an outbreak. It sounds like a whole lot of washing of hair/clothes/bedding. I seriously hope we don’t pick it up, it sounds like a bastard to get rid off (Pardon the curse). I’m imagining Zoe with her head in clingfilm 🙂
    Hugs RM, you know where I am

  2. Michelle P says:

    Well on you way training for the big C well done. I have always admired your ability to focus 100% on your goals and yes we have to have something we are passionate about. Thinking of hubby not great to be consumed by work all the time, not nice at all . Head lice is an ugly thing here too, I have heard washing hair with tee tree oil helps ( perhaps spray some on Z’s hair) and plenty hairspray, keeps them at bay.

  3. MamaCat says:

    You inspire me, and I have never even met you. So you got that one right. Sorry to hear about your SIL, it is stressful.
    We also received the headlice letter, thankfully boys may be easier, with less hair. I have checked a few times, but he seems to be free of them, I think it is the hats they wear at school. They all hang next to each other, which is the perfect way to spread the creatures.
    The doggie sounds horrible, glad to hear there is a solution.
    Actually clingfilm is apparently a cure. You put the oil in and clingfilm the hair to kill the creatures.

  4. catjuggles says:

    A good catch up. About the head lice: A used to get it all the time – she has the very fine hair they love. Plus because she swims her hair is always clean and washed which they also love. She has now been lice free for 4 years even with her BFF getting it and the girl that sat next to her in grade 3. I got the advice from an elderly pharmacist – however it is preventative and not a cure. So you need her lice free totally before you judge the success – of course you can start any time in conjunction with other treatments.

    Buy Lennons Bergamot essence – add 1/4bottle to her shampoo, 14 t her conditioner and 1/4 to a bottle of detangling spray. Wash with above and from the 1/4 left add a few drops to your final rinse water. Use the detangling spray every morning – even if you just give the head a quick spray before school. She will have a slightly spicy smell to her hair but honestly it is nothing in comparison to lice. And I promise it works if you just do it ALL THE TIME . With us it’s now purely routine. As an added plus the hair will shine beautifully and grow very fast – that is what the old folks used Bergaot for

    • runnermum says:

      Wow Bergamot – that is one I haven’t tried or heard about before. I’m going to go and buy that right away.

      The amount of stuff I’ve tried is crazy – I can write a whole blog about that.


  5. Deblet says:

    Flip lice is such a problem…there is always that one kid who’s parents don’t treat and they reinfection everyone constantly.
    Sounds like Feb was nuts for you all…hopefully March is better and you have 2 oceans to look forward too.

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