Cardinal rule

So the cardinal rule of running is that you can’t catch  up on kilometers lost.  Hmm yes right, since when do runners listen to any sensible advice.

Last week was just ridiculous in terms of lost running.  Hubby was overseas so I couldn’t run in the mornings.  So there goes Monday and Wednesday’s runs.  Tuesday afternoon I went out whilst Zoe was at school doing athletics – maybe not such a good idea – it was at 3 in the afternoon and the temperature when we got out of the car was 34 degrees!  But I ran – goodness almost died – I survived for 6km’s and then gave up.

And then on Wednesday and Thursday evenings we had massive storms – so bad that there were actually some damage to houses around us.  So obviously no running.

Friday morning – the electricity was off – so no running because it is still too dark at 5 to run without street lights.

Saturday morning Hubby went to run a half marathon in Pretoria so once again no running for me – I had to watch Zoe!

So finally on Sunday I ran the toughest half-marathon in South Africa.  Almost killed myself but kept telling myself that I have to run fast because it was my punishment because I didn’t run the whole week.

And since then I ran every day – and planning to do so until the 29th of February – I just have to reach 200km’s for the month – I can’t miss out like I did in January!  So yes I’m trying to catch up.

But my legs are giving me some other messages today.  They are tired!!!!  So let’s see if I can reach my target this month.  Luckily February has 29 days this year – it gives me an extra day to catch up.

30 days to Two Oceans.  I have absolutely no dreams of wonderful times this year – I just want to finish and go to a wine farm to eat and drink wine afterwards.  Dornier does have a wonderful pork belly so we may have to go there AGAIN!

Hump day!!!

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8 Responses to Cardinal rule

  1. halberts2014 says:

    Just a question……….is running on a treadmill classed as actual running? Can you make up km’s on those things?

    • runnermum says:

      It does count AND we do have a treadmill BUT last week was so extremely hot that I just couldn’t even think about getting on that thing and torturing myself for an hour at a time.

      • halberts2014 says:

        Ja, I suppose running in the streets kind of distracts you from the job at hand 🙂
        Don’t worry, if it’s any consolation I did absolutely no running last week?

  2. roadshedding says:

    Runners always listen to sensible advice LOL.

  3. Deblet says:

    Wow such a hard core runner.
    30 days until you in my dorp…so a visit in store

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