What did I do?

Once a year we go to Kaapse Hoop in Mpumalanga to run a marathon.  It is tradition that we stay at a farm with horses on it.  So Zoe has been hanging around these horses since she was about 2.

Every year we pay a bucket full of money for the privilege of Zoe sitting on the horses and being led around the premises.  However this game changed last year when the owner of the horses and the farm called me aside and told me that Zoe has a natural instinct for horse riding.  I laughed out loud and told him that never in my life will I pay the exorbitant fees that is involved in horse riding lessons.

Well obviously the world had other ideas.  A friend started a horse riding school and she offered the lessons to me at a rock bottom price.  So yes adoring Mommy gave in and Zoe has now had 3 lessons.  And I must say, even to my untrained eye I can see that there is a definite feeling for the horse.   Please remember that all I know about horses are that they can bite and they can kick! I actually managed to overcome my fear to such an extent that I managed to stroke one on the nose last week – goodness, those noses are soft and velvety.

Luckily somebody gave us boots and jodhpurs (and yes, I had to google horse riding pants for that word).  Yesterday I started to think that we should maybe buy her, her own hat because it is not nice to have to borrow one the whole time.  Well that was until this morning when I had a look at a few online horse riding shops!  I almost had a heart attack – horse stuff is not cheap!!!  I don’t know how we are going to keep this hobby going.

Well I think we will just keep it at a few lessons and hopefully the craze will blow over.  And then the big horses are not the only attraction – this farm has ponies as well.  The cutest little things under the sun, and now after yesterday’s lesson the two girls started to play with the pony’s hair  – so now it is real life “My Little Ponies”.  We have a date on Sunday  to wash the horse and then put some ribbons in it’s hair.

What did I do?!?!?!?!?

And a few photos:

First photo was yesterday during her 3rd lesson – she has now learned to canter and there is no need for the “leash”

Second photo – before her first lesson

Third photo – playing with the pony.

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7 Responses to What did I do?

  1. halberts2014 says:

    Awww Zoe looks in her element.
    I loved horse-riding when I was younger. We paid R6 for a 2 hour trip around a resort. Bargain. Until a giant of a horse stood on my foot.
    I must say, I am also poep bang of horses. My Mum lives on a small holding and there are usually between 6 and 10 horses there at a given time. I’ve made a point of going to chat to them and feed them. Their noses do feel like velvet hey. There is something calming about being around a horse. When they are on the other side of the fence that is. I have a healthy dose of respect for their loooong legs.

    • runnermum says:

      These horses are around us the whole time without a fence. I try to stay away from their back legs but when you have 6 milling around trying to get to the carrots it is almost impossible. And they are just so big – those feet!!!!!

      • halberts2014 says:

        That’s the thing, they are soooo big. I’m like 6ft and one of my mums stuck he head OVER my shoulder looking for more carrots. Bless Bandit, they had to put him down a few weeks ago as he had cancer. Such a gentle soul

  2. catjuggles says:

    A adores her riding but I am afraid that we are now at the stage where she is stuck and in order to move forward we would need a lot of time and money we do not have. Because she can do all the basics and now need to get into competitions. The boys enjoy it but they are not hooked like she is. Her 10th birthday party was a horse grooming party – type “horse” into the search on my blog and you will see. They treated horses like real life My little ponies – it was a huge hit. The boys also had a horse party two years ago but we did boeresport and some riding

  3. MamaCat says:

    I think it is great that you are accommodating her. Things get expensive and maybe when she is older you can revisit the horses. She may not like them on a few years and find smoother interest or you may decide that this is width sitting more money on.

  4. MamaCat says:

    Gosh. That message is mangled. Meant to say in a few years the two of you may change your minds.

  5. Deblet says:

    The always say the cheapest thing is to buy the horse the rest is all the expensive stuff!
    Hope she enjoys her lessons.I love horse riding .
    Maybe ask around the riding schools most horse people have second hand gear to sell.

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