Close encounter whilst running

A few posts ago I wrote about the close encounters we had with animals on our holiday.  Little did I know that I would write another post about close encounters but this time about the two legged variety.

As always we went out for a club run on Saturday morning.  Very early to avoid the traffic and in a group for safety.

We are always very wary and aware whilst on the bigger roads, warning each other of cars looking like they don’t have an idea what they doing or cars driving in the yellow lane or just looking suspect.  Once we turn off the main thoroughfares and run in the neigbourhood we all relax a little bit and run next to each other and talk more.

There is still an awareness but it is less heightened and that is where we encountered once again how fleeting life is and how quickly an accident can happen.

I was running in front with our club chairman and we heard a car coming from behind so we were aware of the car but also aware that it was going very slowly.  And then the car was next to us, weaving across his lane and into ours.  We looked at the driver and he was sitting in the car shaking his head.

And then the next moment he veered straight across our line of running, onto the pavement, hitting a stop street sign and ending up against a wall.  Goodness people, I didn’t stop to get a fright, I just ran full tilt towards the car, thinking I’ve got to get this car’s keys and get this maniac to stop driving.

Luckily the window on the driver side was open and I dove into the car trying to grab the keys BUT it was a keyless car.  So I screamed at the driver to switch off the car – something must’ve clicked in his befuddled state because he did put the car into park.  So at least I knew he couldn’t keep driving through the wall or reverse and keep going in the road.

I get teased a lot because I ALWAYS run with my phone and just as well on Saturday.  Grabbed my phone and phoned the only emergency number I know 082 911.  Our first thought was that he was drunk but that wasn’t the case.  Anyway after I phoned the ambulance and they were on their way, we took his phone and phoned his wife, luckily it was under ICE (in case of emergency).

I had to get back to my car because I had to pick hubby up to go for a run and take Zoe to the parkrun so we left my mom and the chairman there to wait for the ambulance.   I drove back after I got my car and the wife was there.  I gave her my phone number for insurance purposes and left.

Later on she phoned me and told me that he had a bad reaction to medicine but they know what to do and they won’t take him back to the doctor.  I was flabbergasted – this man almost killed 6 people and they won’t go back to the doctor to check on his medicine?!?!?!?!?  Hubby was so angry that he wanted to open a case of reckless driving against the man.

So that was my Saturday morning run…  My poor mum aged about 20 years because this whole incident happened at a little bend in the road.  When they came around the bend she just saw the car against the wall and the two of us between the car and the wall, she thought the guy pinned us against the wall.

Lessons learned?

Stay aware even in the “safe” streets

Run with your phone.

Learn some emergency numbers.

Have a point of interest handy for the emergency personnel.

Have an ICE contact on your phone

If you feel sick – rather pull off road, don’t try and get home.  The driver of that car was exceptionally lucky as were we – a lot of lives could’ve changed irrevocably.

A big group of runners do not make you more visible.

And then a recap of the month:

Target km’s for January:  200km’s

Target reached:  No

Actual km’s for January:  189km’s

Km’s to do in the next 4 months:  811km’s – easy peasy – NOT!!!

Have a wonderful safe week.



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7 Responses to Close encounter whilst running

  1. charliesbird says:

    Glad you guys were safe! And thanks for caring about the driver too.
    Just looking at my stats, my lack of a long run this weekend also threw out my numbers – 170km…

  2. halberts2014 says:

    OMG! So lucky you guys are all alright. What a stoopid, stooping little man (and wife it seems) A bad reaction most definately needs to be checked out.
    I also have all emergency contacts under ICE, then a number and then the name so hubby is ICE1, etc
    I don’t get keyless cars???? Am I daft
    Glad you are all alright

  3. catjuggles says:

    Oh gosh, very very scary indeed!

  4. so scary. The world is a strange place sometimes. I always have my phone in reach – not that I run #lazy – so glad you had yours and you are OK.

  5. Deblet says:

    Flip what an experience.Very glad you were all ok and we’ll done on having your phone with you.

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