A few more photo’s

In Wilderness our campsite had this magnificent tree on it.  We hung some fairy lights and solar Consol jars in the tree – it was magical to sit there during the evenings and look up at the lights.  (photo taken with flash on)

Best campsite ever and the best of all – we have secured 11 days in Wilderness for December 2016.


Those eye lashes – where in the world…


Full moon on Christmas day – I like the spookiness of this photo with the moon out of focus and the leaves in focus


I have a camera that take a proper photograph of the moon – on Christmas day!!!!058

The lights in the tree but this time with the flash off – doesn’t it just look so wonderful and inviting?


Moon through the clouds – (Zoe’s attempt)


I must be honest that we are in the midst of a mid life crisis.  I can understand why God gave us a child to raise in our 40’s.  We would’ve packed up everything and went somewhere remote in nature and sat with our toes in the sand.  Until we get bored :-).

Have a wonderful day!

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One Response to A few more photo’s

  1. halberts2014 says:

    Stunning pictures, really beautiful. Aren’t those eyelashes lovely. And the moon? Yes well.

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