This running lark

So my running CV is relatively impressive:

6 Two Oceans

6 Comrades

Numerous 42’s and 21’s.  I don’t actually count those.

But my dilemma this year is that I have absolutely no motivation to run Comrades – I think I have proven that I can do it – regardless of circumstances.  So it is not really a challenge anymore.

Add to that my feet with this blasted plantar fasciitis is not still not right and it is sore after each and every run and I suppose it is making sense that I’m not too enthusiastic.

And then the getting up so exceptionally early.  I’m no superwoman like Charlies Bird – 🙂  I like sleeping and I like being lazy.  So to get up at 4 on weekends to leave at 4:30 to go to a race that starts at 6 – well to be brutally honest – it is just not that attractive anymore and I’m just too lazy.

So how do I get my motivation back?  And no – to say that I should do at least 10 Comrades’ are not doing it – do you know how far away 10 Comrades are?  It is about 4000km’s of running, another 24 months of obsessive training and about another 8 pairs of shoes.  And another 4 days of running for 12 hours.  Not to mention the getting up early, or rushing to get to a training run or missing out on life because I have to run.

I have entered Two Oceans and Comrades for this year.  We have also booked our plane tickets and hotel accommodation for Two Oceans, so we have to go.  We just have to qualify – for those not familiar to running terminology – to be allowed to run Two Oceans you have to run a marathon (42km’s) in under 5 hours.

So here is my game plan:

  1.  Qualify for Two Oceans on the 6th of February – don’t do anything stupid – just finish in under 5 hours.
  2. Go and run Two Oceans – finish it in under 7 hours (that is the official cut-off).
  3. See how the feet feels after Two Oceans
  4. Make a decision about Comrades
  5. Make peace with whichever decision you make

And in the mean time – I’m training BUT I’m not obsessively checking my km’s to see if I’m reaching my monthly targets.  Just sit back, chill and do what you can.

And tomorrow it is Zoe’s birthday party.  All the layers for the tiered cake has been baked, goody bags are packed.  So this afternoon I just have to decorate the cake with fondant, a tree, some flowers and some owls.  And I have to figure out a way to get my rustic owl to sit atop the cake without falling all the way through! 🙂  Maybe I should build him a perch.  The cake has a vanilla layer and two chocolate layers, I wonder, should I bake red velvet cupcakes as well?

Have a wonderful weekend!


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3 Responses to This running lark

  1. halberts2014 says:

    I have not advise for your running. I think you’re mad, but I can’t run at all, so what do I know. Follow your heart, it will lead you the right way
    Can’t wait for more birthday piccies.
    Happy Birthday Zoe, you are so truly blessed

  2. charliesbird says:

    Your running plan sounds similar to mine – except my qualifier is on the 20th of feb, so quite late! I’m actually just looking at that first, then I’ll deal with 2Oceans, and then I will deal with the big C. Argh, I need more hours in my day!!!!!!!
    Have an awesome weekend celebrating that big girl’s birthday!

  3. MamaCat says:

    As Helen says, follow your heart on the running. Enjoy the birthday party. Perhaps you can use a toothpick or sosatie stick to hold the owl on the cake.

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