The loss of dreams…

Whilst running in Plettenberg Bay – goodness gracious is there even one flat road in that town?  It felt although I was running uphill the whole time.  At one stage I got lost and I looked around and I realised that to get back home I would either have to run up another hill, run on the sand and swim through a river or swim in the sea.  I promptly sat down on the pavement and phoned Hubby and told him to come and fetch me – I’m done running!  The problem is that the hills are so steep that you can’t even run easy on the downhills because you have to brake the whole time or loose control.

So rant about hills and running over.  Whilst I was running I noticed that there are so many house for sale in the town.  To hazard a guess I would say about 1 out of every 10 houses were on the market.  Obviously either holiday homes that people can’t afford anymore or people leaving the country.

And that made me think about what our current government is doing to the dreams of the people in this country.  Please this is not a political post at all but I just have this incredible sadness about the state of our country and the people in it.

The dreams of an education for you children that will actually mean something

The dreams of a quality tertiary education

The dreams of a job and a house and a middle class life

The dreams of travel

The dreams of a comfortable retirement

The dreams of having your grandchildren grow up in front of you and now they are in a different country

The dreams of economic freedom

The dreams of safety

I know that I’m looking at the situation in our country from an exceptionally privileged position but even my dreams are being curtailed or has to change.

I would do anything to run a marathon abroad – my dream is the Nike Women’s marathon in San Francisco where you get a Tiffany necklace as medal – but now?  With the rand a such a low level and the economy going south – that is a dream that is out of the window and I acknowledge that it is a frivolous dream but isn’t that what dreams should be?

Dreaming of our little house at the coast – well maybe not because when are they going to bring a law in place where you are not allowed to own more than one property?

Saving for retirement… – when will they put all the savings into one pot and distribute it among everybody?  Regardless of your contribution to the pot?

I talk to the new domestic goddess and her heart is shattered into pieces because the little boy that she looked after and she loved with her whole being has moved to New Zeeland and with that move came a time of unemployment for her.

I talk to the people at work and they are all so despondent – there salaries are just not covering everything and all they want is a better life for their kids.

Cry thy beloved beautiful country….




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6 Responses to The loss of dreams…

  1. halberts2014 says:

    Plett is like Jeffrey’s Bay. Every festive season all the houses go up for sale as yes, most of them are holiday houses and the sellers try to trap the tourists 🙂
    I heard on the radio the other day that The Prez said he would not be up for a 3rd term in office. We can only hope…………
    At least we aren’t being bombed

  2. charliesbird says:

    I’m so in for that marathon! As long as there isn’t a crazy rule like you have to run sub 4 to get the necklace! Did I ever mention that in Paris I bought a tiffany necklace for Thandi – it was the cheapest thing in the store at 120euros, which was rather a lot less than what it is now!
    Yes, we have troubles, but they’re our troubles, we care about them, and are invested. And we can run, run up and down those bloody hills – EL gets to be a bit like Plett sometimes too! And that counts for a lot!

  3. Deblet says:

    Come and live down here.
    Having a province run by the DA makes such a huge difference to quality of life for us,we are very privileged.
    On of my close friends just moved to Scotland after her Hubbie was without work for 2 years,hope her them life is better over there for them all as it was a constant struggle here.
    For us we are building our own future,securing our retirement and building our business daily in the hope that it will be a secure future for all our family for many,many years to come….so MK and LO had better hurry up finish school,go to Varsity and then slowly take over the business:)

  4. catjuggles says:

    Oh I do hear you – but we need to get our heads up and push on.

  5. MamaCat says:

    I understand your frustrations and sadness, however we are here. As Cat says, we just have to push on through it.
    Many of those social ideas about retirement, NHI, etc are based on foreign models, these things are happening in other countries.

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