When being an adult sucks…

OK I have to admit that in most instances I would prefer to have parents tolook after me and to take all the responsibility but last week especially was a week where I wished that I had somebody to take over and take control.

Hubby has been in and out of maxo-facial specialists and dentist chairs for about 2 weeks now.  A monster abscess in his jaw and the probability of a tooth lost.  A root canal, another visit to the maxo-facial specialist and in the end the decision to have an operation to clean out the jaw and the abscess.  And obviously at this time of year there is no money left in the medical aid savings plan.  So the credit card was red hot with all the swipes at the various medical professionals.  So Friday was D-day – so to juggle work, school holidays and getting Hubby to the day clinic was a bit mad.

And then the lovely news that we now have a finance minister that was fired from his position as a mayor of a small town and now he is in charge of the biggest economy in Africa?  I just saw our chances to immigrate slip even further away because now our rand is really worth nothing.  If I can find a babysitter for Zoe on Wednesday I may actually be tempted to march to the union buildings.

And then the geyser broke on Friday and we didn’t have warm water for the whole weekend.  Yes I know – first world problems.  I had to go to my mom’s house every time I wanted to shower.  And now we are waiting for the handyman to come and fix it – hopefully a fix and not a replace.

I applied for Zoe’s unabridged birth certificate in August.  I still don’t have it and I have made numerous cases with the call center and there is still nothing.  I have to phone again and I really dread it because I feel so bad to shout at the call center people because they can’t really do anything about it.

And then after almost 6 weeks of nagging the boss about Christmas presents for the staff he gave me instructions on Wednesday to order some clothes that has to be branded with the company name and then for the catch – it has to be ready by Friday and while I’m at it can I organise a Christmas party for Friday as well.  And once I’ve organised everything he decided to have the party on Thursday and not Friday.

And guess what – I managed to organise it and to have the branded clothes ready on Thursday and guess what – not a word of thanks.  I’m just so disappointed.  A word of acknowledgement is all I’m asking.

And then some positives,

The new domestic is an angel – I’m so thankful for my friend M that gave me her detail – and I sure the domestic is just as happy – she has been unemployed since March.

Zoe got her report on Wednesday – all subjects were over 80% – and now we can proceed to Grade 3 – rumour has it that it is extremely easy in comparison to Grade 2 with way less homework.  So let’s see if it will pan out like that.

I went to a baby shower on Saturday – goodness I was surrounded by babies and they are very very cute but I can say in all honesty that I’m most definitely not broody.  I’m so glad for this friend because she thought she’ll never have kids – lots of problems and then it happened completely natural.  What I did find strange is that she has decided to stop working – she has a doctorate in Bio-kinetics but has decided to become a stay at home mom.

And then we are off on holiday on Friday – I just can’t wait anymore.  Three weeks of being away from everything.  Addo Elephant park, Wilderness and then Plettenbergbay.  All in our trailer tent thingy.

And then it is back with a bang, Zoe’s birthday, start of school, Zoe’s birthday party and the training for Comrades and Two Oceans.

Have a lovely week and I’m sure I’ll have some soap box to jump onto before the end of this week.





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One Response to When being an adult sucks…

  1. charliesbird says:

    And now another new old finance minister! Crikey!
    Yip, appreciation is such a little thing – can’t remember getting many ‘thank you’s’for our staff’s christmas party and gifts, which I as the female get to organise – in fact one of the partners did not even pitch up! Ugh.
    Survive the week, and enjoy the holiday! It’ll be magic!

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