High intensity

I’ve been working at such a high intensity the past two weeks and I have just realised that I need to take is easier today. Because I have so much work and I’m trying to get everything done my accuracy was taking a nose dive and I can’t have that.  So today I’m working at a more sedate pace and I’m allowing myself a quick blog post.

The big problem is that I’ve had multiple day long meetings and that eats up my productive hours where I can actually do real work.  Goodness I do hate meetings.

So what is news?  On the natural front – I’ve started to brush my teeth with coconut oil – strange because it doesn’t foam but my teeth feel cleaner for longer and it seems to be whiter as well.  I must admit that I still have a quick brush with the normal toothpaste just for that minty feeling.

Deodorant – hmmm with the current Gauteng heat, I’m sticking to the toxic stuff.  However a friend has send me a link for a different recipe so I may try that.   Washing powder – I’m using a mix of coarse salt, baking soda and traditional washing powder.  The clothes is clean but goodness they are so wrinkled!!!  Everything needs to be ironed.  So all in all quite an interesting experiment.

Tomorrow would’ve been my 7th Kaapse Hoop marathon.  I’m still not allowed to run and I’m so so sad.  Worst is that we are still going because we have booked and paid for the accommodation about 7 months ago.

I’m still running / swimming in the pool and it is really so so boring but I’ve learned to cope with it and it seems although it is doing some good.  Hubby say that I’m looking more toned and muscular.  So maybe not a bad thing, but I miss the running.  I look out of the kitchen window to the street behind our house and I long to be on the road.  And how do I get the swimming pool smell off?  Even after a long shower scrubbing myself I can still smell the pool on me.  And then I don’t even want to mention the effect on my skin and hair – how dry can it be?

A running friend is pregnant and I’ve asked her if she want me to knit a baby blanket for her.  The answer was a resounding yes and I’ve been playing on Pinterest for ideas.  I think the whole pattern is coming together and I’m really looking forward to knit it.  But now there are so many beautiful things and I can’t cram all the ideas into one blanket.  So I can foresee that I’m going to knit a few blankets until I loose interest again – as I tend to do once I’ve mastered it.  As with LCHF and organic toiletries – goodness I do tend to jump on a bandwagon and then fall off quite quickly.

Two more tests and we are done with Grade 2.  I’m tired and just a wee bit over this year.  I just can’t wait to have some freedom in the afternoons instead of drilling the same stupid words and sentences into Zoe’s head.  This year has really been a trail.

Christmas shopping is done!  Now I just have to organise Zoe’s birthday party in January and get her a birthday present.

And we have booked to go to Kgalagadi again for October 2016.  That place has captured my soul and somebody has put it so eloquently on facebook the other day.  “I miss the person I become when I was there.”  And therefore we are going back – however this time – it will be even wilder.  We are going to the Botswana side where there is no fences between the camp sites and the reserve and there is no electricity.  Water is also not always guaranteed!

And I suppose that is all my news.  Three more payrolls, two x VAT and 1 x management accounts and this year will be over.

Have a wonderful weekend and lets hope for some rain – our part of the world is parched.

e deodorant is just not working.  A friend has not given me a link of Facebook to make some so I may try that.

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5 Responses to High intensity

  1. catjuggles says:

    SO very dry and dusty and hot! I am so jealous of your Kgaligadi plans – we need to try and go some time.

    • runnermum says:

      It is already fully booked for the October school holidays 2016. So we are going to take Zoe out the week after the holiday. I think a week there is more valuable than a week at school.
      You must make a plan, it is absolutely amazing.

  2. MamaCat says:

    I know. I have been on site everyday, all day for the last two and a half weeks, that there is not much time in front of the pc doing the admin stuff.
    You are brave about deodrant.

  3. halberts2014 says:

    Good to hear what you’ve been up to.
    There is something to say about “toxic deoderant” vs sweaty armpits, hehe.
    I can’t imagine the taste of coconut oil in my mouth, sounds horrid, blegh, LOL
    I hear you on being so over this year. It usually happens at this time. The end is in sight. And then we have to start all over again.
    Have a blessed week 🙂

  4. Deblet says:

    Ai can’t imagine not wearing deo.
    Glad u booked for next year’s holiday.
    Pool training is boring sure that’s why my sister does surf swims on weekends…..now if the beach was only closer hey!

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