OK this is a messy post.  Very much like my brain, work, life, e-mails, finances, credit card, Christmas shopping.

OK so I went from a 10 week period of no periods to a 6 week period with a little bit of a period, every time I don’t expect it, but at least twice a week!  How freaking annoying – I know I should do something about it but there is just so much else to do…

Shame one of our suppliers is getting nailed by some criminal – he phones all their clients and tell the client their bank details have changed.  He phoned me and I just told him that I’ll phone the company to confirm.  And obviously it was a lie.  Hopefully they can phone the rest of their clients and prevent any losses.

My email accounts are out of control – 1000 personal emails and about 50 for work that needs to be dealt with and to be read.  I just don’t know.

On the foot front – the pain is less but it is only because it is overshadowed by the soreness of my calves.  yes my calves are so full of lactic acid that I can’t straighten my legs.  And that is from running in the pool at the gym.  I’ve been twice and I run in the pool for 30 minutes  that gives me a measly one kilometer and then I swim for another 15 minutes.  I must say it is soul destroyingly boring but at least it keeps me going and it is doing something to my calves. Zoe loves it – she is up and down that swimming pool the whole time.

Got my wish list letters from my love in action kids yesterday.  It breaks my heart – the boy – he is in grade 7 wants sport shoes and school shoes and a Stephen King book.  It is all such expensive items – I don’t know what I’m going to do.  The girl in Grade 3 wants a diary and deodorant and clothes.  So that is easy – I went yesterday and bought the stuff on her list so she is sorted.  Ohh and she had a baby doll on the list as well but they made her scratch that out – well I bought a baby doll as well!

And then I quickly sorted Zoe’s Christmas present as well.  And I only need another 4 presents for her advent calender.  That is absolutely thanks to my Mom – she gave me a whole bag full of little bits and pieces that I’m going to use.  Now I just have to wrap it all.

And that is then the reason why my credit card and finances are in disarray!

Now just to sort out her birthday party in January and her birthday present.

And then this weekend is stretching out like an oasis – we have absolutely nothing to do – I may go for a long “run” in the swimming pool – thinking about doing 2 kilometers – that will take me an hour – I wish I can read while I do it but I don’t think my Kindle will survive.  Ohh and I have to go and find some closed high heel shoes.  And we are manning a water table for a club run tomorrow morning.

And now I have to focus.  Salaries, VAT, creditors are all waiting….

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8 Responses to Messy

  1. halberts2014 says:

    Phew, so much going on.
    1000 personal emails? Sounds like you need to declutter. I must say, I love the “delete” button and only read the header of the email in my gmail account.
    Shame, poor kids, asking for deoderant. PS. I have plenty of Stephen King and Dean Koontz books. I could send you a few? Most of them are still in pretty decent condition.
    Have you tried actually swimming, not running in the pool?

    • runnermum says:

      I swim as well but only for about 15 minutes – my arms get so tired.

      Yes I have to declutter – will make time for that soon.

      I was actually thinking about getting second hand books – do you think that will be OK. Can I do it? Can we trust the postage system? Hey my boss lives in PE!!! Maybe I can involve him.

      And now just tell me – are you a closet Dean Koontz and Stephen King fan? I read all their books whilst in high school. IT gave me nightmares for months! Couldn’t get close to the drain in a sink.

      • halberts2014 says:

        Time to start exercising a different part of the body then.
        That’s what couriers are for. Love Globeflight Express, very reliable.
        Yes, was big into both authors when I was younger. As a family we have nearly every book ever written shared between us. I don’t get time to read much. Only my YOU mag and that takes me a week. I would rather go to bed that stay up to read. I’m THAT young that I still need lots of sleep, haha

  2. halberts2014 says:

    PS, nothing wrong with 2nd hand books, better than nothing

  3. catjuggles says:

    Oh gosh – I am not at Christmas yet with 3 kids never mind A’s January birthday… But she wants to redo her room for her present. DO that’s easy

    • runnermum says:

      Ahhh room make-over – that is an easier one, although it is hard to stay in a budget.

      I can’t cope with malls in December at all – so I try my utmost to get everything done before November pay day.

  4. Deblet says:

    Lots of emails to get through.
    You good to be getting Christmas shopping sorted I have also got going and so far doing well.
    How about a kick board for the pool that way your arms won’t get tired.Try flippers as well with the kick board works your calves like crazy.

  5. charliesbird says:

    1 day at a time, 1 mail at a time…

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