A bit of a political post – students.

I really want to give my two cents worth on the crisis in the tertiary education system in South Africa.

Firstly I must admit that I’m actually chuckling to myself because these poor deluded students. They think to have a degree is the be all and end all of the world and that once they have that little piece of paper in their hand they’ll be able to demand the best jobs and the highest salaries.  Well there is the first surprise, it doesn’t work like that – you are entering a very competitive market – B Com and BA doesn’t really ensure you a job never mind a high salary.  With a BSc – it may be a bit easier but how many students are choosing that degree as an option.

Secondly – you demanded free education or cheap education – guess what – once you are working and paying taxes, your taxes will pay for the free education for the next generation.  Not so nice to be on the other side of the coin is it?  Especially when you see how they waste your money by burning cars, buildings, books etc.  Not so nice when they waste valuable time that can be spend on learning and lectures to dance in the streets?  Loot shops, loot dining halls and damage cars.  How would you feel once you have that precious little piece of paper and you are driving your precious car that you pay a lot for down the road and the new generation of students (that you are supporting with your tax money) upturn your car or jump on your car?  What about sitting in a traffic jam because the students are blocking the roads and you can’t get to your job? But you still have to pay tax?

And then why is it that you attack the people at the universities?  They are trying to give you an education with no support from the government.  Shouldn’t you attack the government?  They use tax money for jets, cars, houses and holidays!  Things that you won’t be able to afford even with your degree because the economy is terrible thanks to the government’s policies and you pay about 45% of your magnificent salary thanks to your free degree to the government?

And then – not everybody can get a degree or even want a degree.  When faced with a blocked toilet and raw sewerage spilling into my house I’m quite certain that I would rather pay the degree-less plumber a fortune than have the student with the Bachelor Degree in political science look at my toilet.

We need plumbers, we need electricians, we need nurses, we need artisans of all sorts – look at the critical shortage jobs list for New Zeeland – it is all the jobs that South Africans find too demeaning to do or train – so good on the South Africans getting those qualifications and moving to New Zeeland.

And what about entrepreneurs – they are the most valuable of all because they employ people and give more people a livelihood.

Goodness gracious – just imagine if we didn’t have rubble removers?

And that is my little rant for the day.  Apologies if I insulted anybody…

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4 Responses to A bit of a political post – students.

  1. halberts2014 says:

    I agree with you about having a degree. I don’t, but then maybe things were different back in our days when we were looking for a job.
    I believe they are burning tyres at our NMMU. There must be a hell of a lot of cars without tyres somewhere 😉
    I agree about finding a skill, like being a plumber, cabinet maker. We can’t all be accountants.
    You know RM, it all comes down to greed and that “entitlement”

    • runnermum says:

      Yep entitlement. After writing this – I was wondering if these students are going to start dancing and burning tyres once they are employed because their salaries are too small and because they want free cars and free houses? Where does it stop?

      Who is going to have the skill to fit all those poor tyreless cars with new tyres. I don’t know if the accountants will know how to do it. 🙂

      • halberts2014 says:

        Just on 5fm now that they are doing a collection initiative for the protesters to say thanks for what they are doing. Collecting water, fruit, food. Goodness me. It would be different if it were a peaceful protest and not all about WANT, WANT, WANT

  2. Deblet says:

    I hear you and agree…….nothing is for free especially not a varsity education and it is a priveledge that needs to be worked for and not just handed out.

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