So we became part of the statistics

Yes, in a “secure” complex we had a break-in on Wednesday night.

We were asleep and they came in through the sitting room window and carried away all the stuff that is easy to sell.  Laptop, Ipad, cellphone, handbag, 2 Tv’s and I’m sure a few other things that we haven’t noticed yet.  Most annoying my wallet – all my shop cards, all my bank cards and my 5month old drivers license and R800.

The scary part is that Jack – the labrador – did stand at the window during the night barking – but I shushed him and right after that I heard the door in the corridor bang in the wind so I got up and closed the door properly!  Luckily there is a safety gate and a door and luckily I didn’t open the door because I’m sure the criminals closed the door so we won’t hear them.

I only realised something was amiss when I walked through the house the next morning and see that the curtains were tucked into the window, when I backtracked I realised the TV was missing etc etc.

But once again I can say that God was good.  He protected me when I went out in the corridor and He also gave us one credit card and one cellphone.  My cellphone was next to the bed, so they didn’t get that and Hubby’s credit card was in his car.

If they wanted to, they could’ve taken the cars -the keys and the remotes were with the cellphones and my handbag.

These guys were professionals – they wanted to be able to get in and out and take stuff that is easy to sell.

I understand that but why couldn’t they have left my wallet?!?!?!?!?!?

And now in the aftermath – Zoe is too scared to sleep in her own room, she talks about it all the time and we are planning to spend a bucket load of money on putting more security in.  Not that it will help because if they want to come in they will but at least it will hopefully help to get Zoe to feel secure again.

2 people touched by crime in my office of 15 people in 1 day.  Where is it going to end?

And what we did we do – we decided – “stuff you criminals” – we won’t be cowed and we won’t sit on a heap and cry!  We had a marvelous braai (bbq) with a deboned leg of lamb and the most amazing roasted potatoes.

We had a friend and his kids over and we enjoyed what we love about this tumulous country – sun, swimming pools, sitting on the patio, having a braai and good food and good company.

And for some reason – I feel lighter – OK I am lighter because there is now wallet, no handbag, no card – so I can’t go buy anything but also lighter – what I’ve been waiting for, for 8 years has happened but I also realised that you can’t prepare for it and you should just take as it comes.  And I am absolutely convinced that there is a reason for us being here and plan.  Fatalistic I know but I have such a strong sense of belonging and reason and purpose – now I just need to find out what it is….

HAve a wonderful weekend, stay safe.

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5 Responses to So we became part of the statistics

  1. halberts2014 says:

    Oh heck, this is dreadful. You know you always read about this but never experience it yourself. I really don’t hope that this pushes you into leaving SA. I know you were looking for a reason.
    Yes, Thank God that he kept you safe. And Jack too. He’s such a big dog, how would they even dare get passed him (or was he with you)
    We’ve also installed a safety gate closing off the bedrooms from the rest of the house, but like you say, they could’ve taken the cars as the keys are on the other side of the gate.
    I am soooooooooooo glad you are alright. Let Zoe talk about it, even if it’s a professional. Sometimes people need help to get over something like this.
    Ooh, walk around your complex, maybe they emptied your wallet and left the cards on the ground.
    BIG HUGS, wish I was there in person, this is so not nice to ready about.

    • runnermum says:

      Thanks H – if anything it has made me more determined to stay. We let Zoe talk about it all the time and she is playing with the cousins today so hopefully it will take her mind off.

      We went for a run with the club yesterday and we specifically ran behind my house – we ran in a long line in the veld looking for my stuff but couldn’t find anything.

      I did forget to mention the police were at our house within 10 minutes and the investigating officers and the fingerprint guys were all there within 3 hours! Kudo’s to the police! And they kept on apologising!

      • halberts2014 says:

        Yay police! One hopes they find your stuff but what are the chances hey. At least you have insurance. It is such an inconvenience to have your purse pinched. Really grinds your goat.
        I really am glad you are okay. I feel like phoning you for a chat 🙂

  2. Deblet says:

    Ai sorry to hear this,very glad you guys are safe but it is such an inconvenience having your stuff taken.Bank cards,IDS, drivers licence are the biggest pain to loose.Hope Zoe settles again soon it is scary for them.

  3. charliesbird says:

    How damn annoying! Argh! And the whole rigmarole with insurance and case numbers and all that drama, I’m sorry! And at the end, you feel a bit violated and a little vulnerable. Love your positivity though!

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