I won!!!

The epic battle between myself and the garage door is finished! I’m victorious! Garage door opened this morning and now it doesn’t want to close. I suppose I should be grateful that it opened because at least I could get my car out but now it is standing open with everything inside on display – including the generator!!

I phoned the handyman to come and look at it but he is not too eager. And then I realised, hey this was an accident and we are insured. So I phoned the insurance – they are sending somebody out to come and have a look – only problem now is that it may take a while to get it fixed.

Hubby will just have to disconnect the motor and then we’ll have to use the garage door manually until it is sorted!

Goodness – how do you guys with more than 1 child cope? Zoe is doing hockey and cross country running this term and it feels although I spend my whole day at the school!! We do the homework in the evenings between cooking, eating and taking baths.

We have turned the homework into a big game now. I do some kind of exercise for every ten spelling word. But I have to keep doing it for the whole time while she writes. So she writes as slowly as possible to make my agony more – however because she is not rushing she concentrates more and get more words right at the first try. I’m not that lucky – my arms are jelly this morning and my stomach muscles are so sore that I can’t cough or laugh!! At least my legs are ok.

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3 Responses to I won!!!

  1. halberts2014 says:

    Take that you…….you………Garage door you !
    I’m assuming that you garages are behind fences though?? Ours are right on the street so leaving our doors open all day would be quite an issue.
    Yes, Big ups to those with more than 1 child. I don’t know how they do it. RESPECT

  2. Deblet says:

    Yah for getting garage door sorted.
    Making homework fun does help.I let LO write her spelling words in different styles all over the page she loves it no neat lines just a creative mess.

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