DIY update etc

So Zoe’s room is finally painted and the new light is in, now to wait for the laminate floors and the curtains. Once that is in, I’ll start looking at linen for her bed. Hubby has opened a whole new can of worms by asking her if she wants a double bed because it will give her more space since Jack the Labrador sleeps on her bed every night. And obviously the answer was yes – so now what?

Zoe had a ball “helping” us. It was a bit of a mess for us to clean up afterwards but she enjoyed it so much. Poor Hubby had to do the bulk of the work in the end because we just couldn’t do it to his exacting standards.

And I think it is important for a child to be exposed to this type of work – she must see that t is something that you can do yourself, and it was actually fun to spend some time together as a family working to a goal.

And so school started again today. Eleven weeks of homework and tests and assessments. And let’s not forget the traffic battle. We live right behind the high school so I have to battle that to get to the primary school and then battle that as well. But at least we are going to Kglagadi in the October holiday so lots to look forward to.

I actually feel my stomach contract in nervous anticipation just thinking about the homework.

I took Zoe to Montecasino on Friday – we went to the chocolate and coffee show and then to the bird park. I was once again so extremely grateful that I had the opportunity to make the choice to work but also be with my child. The amount of small children wandering around the bird park with their nannies were amazing. I’m so glad that I can experience these things with Zoe and don’t have to rely on a nanny to do it with her.

And I suppose that once again brings me to the question, when is enough enough? If you look at those children it is obvious that money is not a problem. I know these days most people have to work full time to just make a living but how and when do you decided what is more important. Time with your child or the latest branded clothes, overseas holidays and cars?

I was thinking about that last night – yes another sleepless night and I realised for me enough will be when I know we are secure. And by secure what do I mean? To know that we have a roof over our heads that is paid for and to have money to pay for overheads, medical aid and food. We are still not there – but slowly we are getting to a point where our house will be ours.

Have a wonderful week!

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4 Responses to DIY update etc

  1. halberts2014 says:

    I remember my Nan buying me a double bed and suite when I was 12. So exciting. It’s good to included them in changes that affect them. Liam even helped me when we moved his cot out of his room and he was only 18 months old! It sort of makes them proud I think.
    I’m so greatful that Liam’s school was still open during the holidays and that he understands that we both have to work to give him the best of things. We do make up for it on our weekends though and he sure as heck doesn’t get shipped off elsewhere.
    It is reassuring knowing that you own your own house.

  2. catjuggles says:

    Oh wow, Kgaligadi! That is a trip I so want to do. Well, some day I guess. Exciting to get a new room!

  3. jessicaviljoen says:

    Oooh yes, I agree RE kids taking part in these DIY projects – might be messy or take longer or not be exactly like you hoped, but it is a good life lesson nonetheless!
    Exciting to look forward to a Namibia trip in October, around the corner!

  4. MamaCat says:

    I love DIY and it is a great sense of achievement. I read a blog a awhile ago that spoke about working to maintain a lifestyle, and I decided I did not want that to be me. I work and I love my work, but I love my family more.

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