Walking in another person’s shoes

Yesterday I just once again realised that I prefer my own journey in my own shoes and even my own big stick that I use to beat myself up with.

I popped into a friend’s business for a quick chat and I only left 4 hours later but people I was almost in tears when I walked out of her office. She is only 47 but she is so so so sick. She has always been big but now – her weight is out of control and all doctors say to her is that she should go for a gastric bypass operation and all her problems will go away. How can doctors be so insensitive – there is obviously so much more wrong with her than being over weight. She has so many problems – I so wish I could help her to get better. She is basically bent double from osteoporosis and she walk with a walking stick.

So yes today all my complaints and worries look so small in comparison to hers.

And now for the rest of my rambles.

I spoke to another mutual friend about how sick above mentioned friend is and she said that all we can do is pray for her. OK yes I agree but I just feel that to sit back and say let’s pray is not right. Surely there should be some action as well, research, alternative healing, support groups etc etc. Am I wrong – I feel so frustrated when people just say – all we can do is pray…. Maybe my type A, OCD, personality can’t just let go and let be….

Have you ever tried http://www.faithfultonature.co.za? When we started on the LCHF journey lots of the products were not available in stores and I ordered a lot of the flours and oils from them. They are prompt in delivering and there is always a little sample of something in the package. Such amazing service.

Now I’m a Clarins girl – I don’t use make-up but I feel quite strongly about a proper cleanse, tone, moisturise regime for my skin. My Clarins was getting quite low and on the exact day where I was bemoaning the fact that I have to go and buy everything I got an email from faithful to nature about a special they are running on the Esse skincare range. It is organic and green and not tested on animals and local etc etc etc. So I ordered the whole shabang for the same price as just a Clarins moisturiser. And all I can say is that I’m pleasantly surprised. My skin feel so much softer and people actually comment on my the difference in my skin’s appearance. So I’m a convert.

I hate completing forms – and today I’m sitting with 5 forms from Statistics South Africa that has to be completed – I’m not even half way with the first one. Can somebody do it for me? Pretty please?

So sad – a little boy in Zoe’s school was killed in a car crash yesterday – his stepmom was also killed and the 3 other siblings are all in a critical condition. A few seconds and so many lives changed for every.

Let’s try to finish on a more positive note. I’m taking Zoe to the chocolate and coffee show on Friday – well I suppose a better way to say it is that I’m dragging Zoe there because I really want to go.

Have a good day!

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6 Responses to Walking in another person’s shoes

  1. halberts2014 says:

    Your friend reminds me of my Mum, who is also overweight but not due to overeating. She can’t exercise because she cannot walk. It’s just a vicious cycle. I talk and talk but the wall pays more attention to me. I wish she would get the help she needs regards her diabetes. I fear she may lose her legs. Of course, not the same as your friend, but it’s so frustrating standing by helpless.
    I’m still using Olay. Haven’t made the jump to change yet. Hmmmm, must think about that.
    Blegh, I hear you on the forms. Believe me, I’ve had enough, what the school applications and then all the apps needed for this and that certificate for my British Passport. I’m done I tell you. DONE!
    OMG on the little boy being killed. I often wonder who will take care of Liam if DH an I were in an accident after we’ve dropped him off. I must speak to the sister-in-law about that. It’s so horrible to think about.
    Yummmmmm, chocolate and coffee

  2. Deblet says:

    Ai you are so right about your over weight friend,so many more issues than just food.I do hope she gets help soon.
    Poor little boy terrible for any family.

  3. You are so right about your friend. Also hate the whole let’s pray for them schpiel. My husband needed meds that had to be imported and a lot of our friends ralied and used their contacts and opened doors for us. And then there were those who said you guys in our prayers. Ffft!

  4. MamaCat says:

    Prayer can only go so far. Sometimes us people here need to help that prayer along.

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