Ahhh happy place

So I was tricked into running 4km’s last night. Normally I don’t run in July but I spoke to a lady last week at time trail and she is just starting and doesn’t know the route so I said I’ll go with her this week and show her the route. Well she injured herself somehow and just send her husband to tell me that she can’t run. And here I was in running clothes so I just decided to go for a run anyway. Gosh did I battle – amazing that 37 days ago I could run 90km’s and last night I battled to run 4!

Anyway my lungs were burning, I had to cough the whole time and my ears were burning from the cold and my leg muscles were burning from the exercise but I got in the car after the run and I felt light. Yes that is the only way to describe it – I felt lighter in body and mind and soul! I felt although a light was switched on.

And I once again realised that I can’t go without running. I was in the bath after the run and I said to Hubby that I’m actually looking forward to next year’s Comrades. He just looked at me, shook his head and called me crazy!

And then this morning, when I got out of bed my heel was so sore that I couldn’t walk on it. Google diagnosed it as plantar faciatis – and luckily it gave me a whole range of solutions and treatments. Luckily it is the off season and I can get over it.

I’m very very hesitant to go to the physio at the moment. And now listen to how stupid I am. I go to a husband and wife physio practice and the husband was diagnosed with brain cancer and he is now dying and I just can’t bear (or is it bare) to go there and not see him and see her grief…. I know completely and utterly irrational.

So for now I’ll just self medicate and stretch and strap and buy new shoes.

Ohh and then quickly just the story about the lady that wants to start running time trail. She was walking at one of the Parkruns and she heard people behind her talk about her. Discussing her weight and how gross she is and how she shouldn’t be allowed in public and definitely not at running events. And she said it was although that was the push she needed to start on a weight loss journey. Up to date she has lost 35kg’s and she has to drop another 35kg’s. And what makes it easier? The desire to upgrade from walking to running…

So there it is, another ode to running!

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6 Responses to Ahhh happy place

  1. charliesbird says:

    My happy place too, except when I’m days away from an event, then every run feels horrendous, every step painful, every minute brain torture… Roll on Knysna!

  2. Deblet says:

    I have plantar fasciitis too and I don’t even run.Boufht a heel cushion at the pharmacy and it works great.Wearing my gym takkies all day while working has helped too.Think spending most of the day sitting also helps.Hope us is better soon.

    • runnermum says:

      I’ve googled the heck out of it and it seems although a supplement of Collagen – Try Pro-collagen and stretching the foot and calves are the way. And then rolling a frozen bottle of water under your foot whilst sitting. Foot is already much much better after only 3 days.

  3. I can hardly run to my car from the house without getting winded. You’re inspiring! šŸ‘šŸ»

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