I got nothing…

I feel like I should blog but I don’t really have anything earth shattering to share. So just a this and that and some more blog.

Hubby was away in Istanbul from last Saturday until Wednesday, and then he left for the Drakensberg for work on Thursday – he’ll be back on Sunday. Work for him is absolutely manic at the moment – he works about 14 hours a day and the demands are constant. I miss my partner and I think Zoe misses him even more.

Because he was away over the weekend I decided to go down to Durban with Zoe for the long weekend. Goodness the weather was an absolute joy. Warm mild days with no wind and cool in the evenings. Zoe swam and we took her to the beach front in Durban to roller-blade.

And then joy of joys! My mom went along with us. At one stage both us were sitting with our Kindle’s reading and Zoe piped up: ” I want to read as well, let’s go and buys some books”. Well let me tell you, it was the fastest I’ve moved in a while. Took her to a bookshop and bought her an armful of books! And she read 4 of them just over the weekend! And she enjoyed it! So maybe just maybe she’ll be a bookworm as well. I feel it is so important to read, just to broaden your horizons.

Only problem is that I can’t read myself because I have to sit with her and read along. Best cure for insomnia though – I get sleepier and sleepier the longer I sit with her while she reads. BUT it is so lovely because she snuggles up to me and to feel that warm little body so close to me is so special because I assume that sooner rather than later she won’t want to cuddle up with me. Sad to think that she is going to turn into a tween very soon.

Speaking of the beach front – I was really impressed with this. The beach front – all the way from Ushaka to the new soccer stadium is now a walkway. It is clean, and I felt really safe, lots of police presence and people walking, running, walking their dogs, cycling etc etc. There is also quite a few restaurants that serve lovely food.

I didn’t play any sport at school – I was the epitome of the school nerd. Well I had to laugh because I was asked to help some other moms coach the Grade 2 mini hockey team. So our first session was yesterday and I must say that I actually enjoyed it – at this early stage it is more about teaching them skills than actually playing and it is really just common sense! They little girls do scare me a bit because those hockey sticks are all over the place!

Strange how you see the same moms over and over again at all the different things at school. The fund raisers, the netball, the hockey coaching, the love in action group – always the same faces over and over again. I suppose those are the moms that the schools rely on to make things happen.

And it is weekend again and Fathers Day – although we are going to celebrate without a Dad because Hubby will be at the work function in the Drakensberg.

Brrr – stay warm – I can’t wait for summer.

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5 Responses to I got nothing…

  1. halberts2014 says:

    I also have nought to say, hence the cryptic organ donor blog yesterday.
    Sounds like you had a lovely time in Durban. I’ve never been up that way, but would love to take Liam to Ushaka Marine World.
    I can’t wait for him to read. He is trying and he sounds out the words that he sees wherever we go.
    Liam has expressed an interest in playing hockey. I’m not too keen as I remember getting hit in the mouth by a hockey ball when I played. I suppose I’m like any other mum who doesn’t want their baby to get hurt.
    Yep, same parents working their butts of at the school. It really is the parents that make or break a school. Either they take interest or not. You can see the schools where the parents don’t give a toss
    Lekker naweek vir julle

  2. charliesbird says:

    Sounds like a great weekend! I love KZN, it’s just so difficult to get there from our neck of the woods! Enjoy this one too, despite Dad not being there for Fathers’ day.

  3. Deblet says:

    That walkway in Durbs is great.My sis snd her Hubbie run there often.
    Mini hockey is loads of fun,enjoy coaching,basic skills are the most important for them early.

  4. nusha78 says:

    We are actually headed to Durbs next week … this will be our first proper beach holiday and the kids are so excited … hope the weather is good for us … am so over this cold!
    The beachfront has definitely improved over the last years.
    It’s true about the mums …
    Hope hubby’s work calms down a bit soon …

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