Welcome Twitch

And welcome to the all familiar Comrades twitch – I must say, it is late in arriving this year – only 10 days before the time.

This is now the time where I can’t sit still, where my mind is all over the place and I can’t focus, I spend hours on social media looking at stories about Comrades, how other people feel AND for some strange reason I want to pee all the time!

I can’t run it out of my system because I have to taper and run less and slower, only 5 training runs before the big day.

Work is a nightmare and it is such a crucial time of the month – payroll, VAT, and not to mention the deadline for IRP5 submissions.

So I’m trying my utmost to curb the twitch but it is very difficult – my whole desk is full of reminders and notes and printed emails of reminders – let’s hope it helps.

This afternoon I’m taking Zoe to shop – we need to forget about homework and netball and running and everything else and just spend some time together.


Twitch twitch twitch

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2 Responses to Welcome Twitch

  1. halberts2014 says:

    🙂 Will you be glad when it’s over and you can relax a bit?

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