Wisdom of an eight year old

Sometimes I do think that Zoe’s emotional intelligence is far higher than mine. I really do learn something from her everyday.

Just two examples:

A few weeks ago we were driving in the car and I said to her that Hubby’s Dad would’ve loved her so much if he was still alive. She looked at me and told me very seriously that he still loves her, just from heaven!! I was flabbergasted! How and where does she know this and have such a feeling for afterlife?

She plays netball but she is only the reserve. The other 2 girls that were reserves stopped playing after they didn’t get to be in the team. For the past two weeks Zoe had the opportunity to play the whole time because one kid was not at practice at all. I was so happy for her because at least now she could play and have fun instead of sitting next to the field.

Lo and behold, the kid was back on Monday and Zoe got dropped again! I was so angry about it because Zoe is at every practice and she is loyal and sticks with the team even as a reserve. Surely that should count for something. So driving home I was grumbling about this and how I waste my time sitting for an hour every afternoon next to the netball field and how arrogant of the teachers etc etc. And then my child made me feel so ashamed, she said to me that somebody has to be the reserve and it is a team sport so everybody should get the opportunity.

Ohh my goodness – how do you answer that? And can she have such wisdom?

Yesterday they played a match against another school and she was allowed to play for one half of the game. She was just so happy, bouncing around on the field and smiling and celebrating with her team mates. Even my mom commented on her happy disposition and her joy in playing.

So it seems although for the next 6 Saturdays I’m going to sit next to the netball field to show Zoe that team spirit matters.

How I adore this child…..


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4 Responses to Wisdom of an eight year old

  1. halberts2014 says:

    Kids are so simple, they don’t have all the “politics” going on in their heads about things being unfair. Things are the way they are. There are no reasons for things being this way or that. I think us parents always try to see the conspiracy behind things. We are bad that way. I totally get what you mean tho
    PS Zoe looks so tiny in that huge Land Rover 🙂

  2. Deblet says:

    LOS school had a rule that if you missed any practices you could not play the match.
    Zoe sure is smart with all her answers.

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