Mum’s weekend off

Since Hubby has decided not to run Comrades he decided that he is going to take Zoe to the Kruger – yes AGAIN! I was not allowed to go along because I had to run…

Everybody that heard about this trip was speechless – I can’t understand why – I think it is absolutely magnificent for their relationship to spend time together, alone, without me.

So I was home alone. I swear I thought I was going to get bed sores – I haven’t been that “stationery” since before Zoe was born. Although it is a bit of a lie – I ran 21 on Friday, did yoga on Saturday and ran 32km’s on Sunday. So not completely lazy but still way more lazy than a normal weekend. But the rest of the time I read and read and read.

I suppose the highlight of the weekend was that I could put the TV on what I find interesting – no Disney channel and no Supersport and the other obvious one – no cooking for anybody!

Ohhh and I could go to the mall and wander around without somebody complaining that they are bored. All that said, I still definitely prefer to have them with me at home. I really missed the two.

Well it sounded although they had a lot of fun, Zoe did phone me on Saturday evening to say that her dad is boring – but I think it was because her dad was exhausted and just wanted them to catch a little bit of a snooze!

A fellow runner was run over by a car during our Sunday morning race. It was disturbing – she must’be been right behind me – about 2 minutes and this car just came chasing around the corner and into her. He then tried to drive away but thankfully another motorist stopped him. The runners promptly pulled him out of the car and I know this is not right but he was taught a few lessons with a few fists. The poor lady that he bumped into had to be transported to a Trauma 1 hospital and her left leg and pelvis was broken. What is very heartbreaking is that she was training for her second Comrades. Now when you complete your second Comrades the year after completing your first Comrades you get a special back to back medal. You have only one shot at it and she has now lost it because of a stupid drunkard. Yes the driver of the vehicle was as drunk as a skunk at 7:30 on a Sunday morning.

Well the hard training for Comrades is now over – last long runs done and now it is downhill to the 31st of May. I have one 21km left and a few 10km’s over weekends and a few short runs in the week. Only goal now is to stay healthy and injury free.

And now Hubby has heard that he has to be in Dubai the day after Comrades. So now I’m kinda lost as to how and where and when. How will I get to the start and get back to the flat after the run. Anyway, no need to worry about that, these things do tend to sort themselves out.

Have a great week! I have to go and sit next to the netball field!

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8 Responses to Mum’s weekend off

  1. halberts2014 says:

    Hehe, we also have no idea what to do with ourselves when Liam isn’t around. I think we would just sleep all day. And then eat and then sleep again.
    It’s cool that Dad and Zoe spend some time together.
    That poor lady. What a B, being drunk at 7.30. I hope they press charges

  2. Miss C says:

    Oh sounds like a heavenly weekend.
    Sorry about your friend and the comrades ;-(

  3. catjuggles says:

    Poor lady! That is simply terrible. And I love that the two of them had a special weekend together

  4. Mrs FF says:

    I heard about the accident’ shock and horror. Who is drunk at 7am. Plus running organized races makes one feel safer but guess it can’t be taken forgranted

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