Winter already?

I associate the start of winter with the end of my Comrades training. At this time of year I just can’t wait for winter to arrive because I know I can then hibernate for 2 months and not run!! Sit in front of the fireplace in my onesy pajamas and eat stews and curries and soups, snuggle up under the feather duvet…

And now? Winter has arrived 6 weeks before Comrades! I should still be running in summer clothes and eating salads and all of a sudden I’ve been thrown into complete winter mode.

So NOW, it is going to turn into a game of strong self-discipline and getting my mindset right for the next 6 weeks.

What is making it even harder is that Hubby has decided after Two Oceans that he is not going to run Comrades. Is it a wise choice? – for him I think so, for me – no. If I stop now, I don’t think I’ll ever run again. I need a goal to keep going and if I take a year off, I don’t know if I’ll have the guts and determination to work up to the current level of fitness again to run Comrades again. So for now my aim is to start Comrades this year, hopefully finish and then take stock of where I am and what I still want to achieve. Some days I really want to get to 10 finishes – purely for the people I know that will never get to 10 because of a variety of reasons and I’m so scared that I’ll be in the same position one day when my body just can’t do it anymore and I’ve never completed 10. Other days I think that 5 is enough – I’ve proved that I can do it and is it really necessary to do another 5?

What I find absolutely amazing is that people are now starting to ask me questions about Comrades, they see me as an expert! Me, an expert in running? No there must be a mistake. However with 5 Comrades’ and 6 Two Oceans’ and numerous other marathons and ultra’s under my belt I must look like an expert to a novice.

So the game plan for the next 6 weeks? I’m going to change my schedule to run in the afternoons when it is still reasonably hot and the sun is shining instead of running in the evenings when it is now cold and dark. Sticking to salads for lunch and then indulge in the rich stuff in the evenings after I’ve finished my run and I can then sit in front of the fireplace with my onesy.

I have one ultra of 50km’s left and then it is Comrades day. At least I know that the support I’ll have next to the road will be absolutely tremendous – lots of our friends have also decided not to run and just to go and support. And obviously Hubby will be next to the road – will it make it easier or harder? Only time will tell…

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2 Responses to Winter already?

  1. halberts2014 says:

    Run Forest Run! LOL

  2. Deblet says:

    Must be tough to train when weather is so chilly.I suppose that why Comrades in down in KZN they can happily train year round with their mild weather.

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