Weekend away

I completely forgot about our weekend away in the Kruger because I was too busy being negative!

So anyway – we went to the Kruger for a quick last getaway during the school holidays last weekend. We took leave on the Friday and hit the road quite early! I wanted to go for a run first but one kilometer into the run the heavens opened and I hightailed it home.

We didn’t take the trailer this time – Hubby found us a spot in one of the tented camps in the Kruger. And was this an experience – it is away from the normal camps and I must say it is quite wild. When we checked in, the lady at reception told us we should be careful of the baboons and the honey badgers. We just shrugged it off and asked ourselves how bad can it be?

Well let me tell you – we were under constant “attack” from some critter trying to get food from us. The squirrel was so tame he sniffed my toes and followed Zoe everywhere when she had sandwich in her hand. The monkeys stole our citronella candle and our lighter! The baboons ran past us because we were at the tent at that stage and then the honey badger – what an amazing animal – they came during the night – upended the garbage bin – ripped open the milk carton and licked it clean and then got onto the little counter / washbasin area and proceeded to lick the pot with cheese and jalapeno sauce in completely clean. We shone a flashlight on him and he wasn’t bothered by it at all! His mate was running in circles on the deck making the strangest noises out of frustration because there was nothing for him to eat. The badger on the kitchen counter finished the pot with the sauce in and then tried to open the other pot with a lid on – he actually got quite mad at the pot because he couldn’t get the lid off.


badger in pot

badger and pot

We read up on the honey badger the morning afterwards and I’m really surprised about their toughness, agility and cleverness! This is the book we bought about the animals in our national parks and I must say it was worth every cent. The have all the facts about animals but then they also have some anecdotes about the animal.


Strange we saw an male elephant and a male lion that was cast out from their groups. Shame it was heart breaking to see. They were both so skinny and you could see very very close to the end. The lion walked in the road but there was absolutely none of that normal arrogance and pride you see in a male lion. He was walking with his head down and just going nowhere.

And then we had a stern warning from a baby elephant – it was the cutest thing every – he stopped in front of the car and waved his ears, lifted his trunk and let out a very cute little trumpet. And then the adult elephant chased some giraffes. Strange to see elephants being aggressive towards other animals.

And then we came between a buffalo cow and her calf – goodness, she really came for us and must have stopped about 5cm’s from the car! I was driving and I can just remember Zoe screaming and Hubby shouting at me to reverse! That is one huge animal and I can understand why they are part of the big 5. And then just to top it off – a male buffalo decided to mate with a cow right in front of the car! Zoe was giggling like a mad thing because it looked although the one was giving the other a piggy back ride – I just left it at that! 🙂

I must say if the buffalo did manage to put a dent or a hole in my car – I would’ve left it there as a badge of honour and a good war story to tell. Yes we did go in my car – Hubby just couldn’t stand the idea that this lovely car has not even left our town since I got it.

So all in all a really good weekend away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

This photo captured Africa for me – it does have a way of tugging at your soul.

african sky

This weekend has made me realise that Sanparks are really one of the best kept secrets in this country. Well maintained and an absolute treasure, maybe this can be all of our history and culture and lets forget about the people.

And how could I forget? The absolute highlight of the trip? To see a pack of wild dogs. They are on the critical list of the endangered species – you just don’t see them. And here we saw them whilst playing and then turn into instant hunters when a warthog came along. Absolutely amazing.

wild dogs

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4 Responses to Weekend away

  1. halberts2014 says:

    LOL at the piggy back ride. I mean, what do you say?
    Great pics. These are the memories you should look back on to be reminded why you are proud to be South African and how great it is here. We are truly blessed to be able to see such wonders
    PS, where the pic of the car?

    • runnermum says:

      Hmmm I suppose I’ll have to grab the bull by the horns (hee hee) and have THAT discussion with Zoe but I think it is a bit early right now. For now the animals are playing with each other!

      Next a pic of the car sans the dent from the buffalo – would’ve been cool if it had a badge of honour like that.

  2. Deblet says:

    Sounds like a lovely weekend in the bush.We are off to spend the weekend on a Protea farm,55 hectares of fynbos, should be fun.

    • runnermum says:

      A Protea farm – that should be amazing. I planted a whole section of our garden full of proteas but they must have tasted very nice – Jack pulled them all out!

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