Where will it end?

This whole whoo-haa about the statues and the vandalism and hooliganism has really struck a chord in me. I don’t know why – there is so much other nonsense going on in the country but this is really bothering me.

Maybe because I still feel that even though these people hide behind political agendas and political parties it is just a case wanting to vandalise and break down and destroy.

My question now is? When will they be satisfied? Where will it stop? If they have such a problem with the western world shouldn’t we destroy everything that has happened after 1652 and denounce everything since it is western and colonialism? What should stay and what should go? Raise everything to look like it did in 1651?

Should the Cecil John Rhodes foundation then only give bursaries to colonialists? Doesn’t the very people that is now throwing paint at the statue that benefit from those bursaries?

What about the buildings that was build since 1652? Shouldn’t that all be destroyed?

What about universities? South Africa didn’t have any – shouldn’t they then be banned from universities or shall we just burn down the university? When was the first university build in South Africa? When was the first university build in Europe?

The written word?

What about Christianity? Wasn’t that brought to South Africa by the colonialists? Renounce your religion?

Sure I understand that some things would’ve evolved. But if you take how Africa was in 1652 and where Europe was in 1652 and you add 450 years to each evolution and advancement – will Africa have been on par with Europe? Is it now my colonialist brain thinking? But hey I’m Afrikaans so I’m not a colonialist or am I? Am I now the engineer of Apartheid even though it was brought into law long before I was born?

These vandals say that the Paul Kruger was a Voortrekker that stole their land. Excuse my ignorance but was Paul Kruger even a Voortrekker? I thought he was the president of the then Transvaal? Long after the Voortrekker movement?

And I know I’m really ignorant here but when was Apartheid brought into law? The 1960’s? Was there any kind of law like that when South Africa was under British rule? Should’nt the Afrikaner people have burned the statues of Queen Victoria and changed towns like Harrismith and Port Elizabeth’s names? So what is the problem with the statues of people before 1960?

The land grabs? Why Ballito and Camps Bay – that is most definitely not about the land but about the prestige of the address? But those houses shouldn’t be there because we need to go back to pre-colonialist times and that means there was nothing if we have to listen to their reasoning for defacing the statues! Why aren’t they grabbing land in Prieska or some such small little town where property prices are lower?

I just don’t understand! I just can’t get my head around about getting joy and satisfaction out of the vandalism and the hooliganism.

Is it really about politics?

Am I just really really ignorant and uniformed about our country’s history? Maybe I should just go and research the history more to see if I can actually understand this.

And now I’ve just read that somebody defaced the statue of Ghandi in JHB and was arrested? Was the people defacing Cecil and Paul arrested?

Rant over…..

Please excuse my ignorance…

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5 Responses to Where will it end?

  1. halberts2014 says:

    Here here !
    In PE they have defaced a soldier and horse monument that was erected for the horses that died during the anglo boer war. How is this apartheid? They have splattered Queen Victoria outside one of our libraries. Apparently they have CCTV footage of a white man doing this.
    LOL at you being a colonial afrikaaner. I’m british, where does that leave me. Perhaps DH was right in forcing me to get our passports sorted.
    I also wonder where SA would be without “western influences”. No doubt wearing skins and eating berries from the bushes.
    And no, I am not racist. I’m against idiots who haven’t got a clue.

    • runnermum says:

      I’m just too stupid or maybe not enough of a revolutionist to get my head around all of this.

      • halberts2014 says:

        I must say, I also don’t really have much of a clue. It just all seems so senseless and stupid. SA has lots of other things to handle other than a bunch of thugs, who also don’t seem to have a clue.
        We are like 40 and they are spring chickens who really, really don’t know what they are on about

  2. Deblet says:

    I don’t get the vandalism at all,I also don’t understand why certain statues are being defaced.I can’t figure out why history is an issue as it is just that history…..in the past,already happened,cannot be changed…….I don’t get it.I am really sure there are plenty other causes that can be taken up that will have an impact and actually make sense.

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