Another running story, fight and flight reaction

So here comes another running story. Our new neighbours moved in about a year ago. A black couple with 3 kids. Since they moved in they won’t make eye contact with us and we can wave our arms off they won’t wave back or greet us. After a while we just decided to let it go and move on with life – we can’t get upset about something like this.

Well on Thursday night I went for a run and as I came running up our street I see that one of our running friends – a black guy was talking to our neighbour. Well this was the perfect opportunity I was waiting for. I ran up to our friend greeted him and started to chatter away – as I do. At first I could see that the neighbour was quite taken aback – especially because I hugged the fellow runner! And then you could actually see him defrost. Then Hubby came out to look for me and he joined and before we know it we invited the neighbour to come for a run with us and he promised he’ll do it after Comrades.

And now – it is all waves and smiles and chatting!! Even the kids greet us! How amazing that there is such great mistrust between people just because or our colour and one little thing can change that just because I know a fellow black runner. Amazing! So yes I’m taking him for a run as soon as Comrades is over.

And what was even more amazing is how we feel exactly the same about the government – in actual fact I think they are even more vocal about the people running or is that ruining our country!

Since Hubby got the good news about the job situation last week Tuesday, I’ve been feeling completely flat and tired. We spoke about it on Saturday and Hubby feels exactly the same. I wonder if we haven’t been surviving on the tension and stress that was created by the worry for the last 8 months and now that it is over our bodies don’t really know how to respond. Can anybody really be in fight or flight mode for 8 months?

Zoe had us completely speechless last night when she effortlessly converted Rands into Dollars and she explained to us what exchange rate is! Huh – where did she pick that up?

And now to get everything in place for our trip to Cape Town. The weather is so fickle in the Mother City that you really have to pack for any eventuality. I can remember one year we ran on the Saturday in perfect sunny weather and by the Sunday morning I had to wear a coat and boots! More often than not I had to go and buy clothes that were more weather appropriate.

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4 Responses to Another running story, fight and flight reaction

  1. halberts2014 says:

    We also have some neighbours that don’t wave, no matter what. I even greet them in the Spar and they just look at me like I’m a lunatic. What happened to being friendly?
    Yep, it’s weather in the Cape. Dress in layers. Winter clothes in the morning, by mid morning take off your first layer, by noon you are in a sundress and by 3pm it’s time to put it all back on again. Keeps us on our toes 🙂
    It is amazing how draining a stressful situation can be. Just emotionally and then we you can relax you just feel soooooo tired.
    I can only say that Liam has picked up the word “poephol” this week, which I’m not impressed by at all , but Kudos to Zoe, she’s a clever lady

  2. Deblet says:

    Our new neighbors are like that….still wary of us,but not in a rush to be too friendly as this house always seems to have annoying people living in it!
    Cannot wait for this weekend and we finally get to meet in real life…………going to be awesome,we will have to take a few selfies as proof.

  3. MamaCat says:

    I am just a waver and Prefer not to get to close to neighbours until I can suss them out a bit.
    Zoe is clever. I do not even know the exact exchange rate at the moment.

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