1 week!

And we are in Cape Town. Goodness I do love that city. I just can’t wait. It is so strange this year – I know that Saturday will be used to run Two Oceans but for some reason I have a total mental block about it this year. It’s just not featuring!

I suppose it is because the running has really taken a back seat this year with all the stress around Hubby and school and homework and my job getting more and more demanding. So am I ready for Two Oceans? It is an open question and I’ll only be able to answer it on the 4th of April. However I feel strong and I’m not too heavy and I have 7 hours to run it in. And obviously it is extremely doubtful that we will run the normal route over Chapman’s peak – because of the danger of rockfalls. It is going to take a lot away from the run because we won’t be close to any ocean if we run around Old Kaapseweg road.

I still have to make plans with Deblet and Sharon to meet up for coffee!

And then we want to go to Kirchtenbosch to take Zoe on the new aerial walkway they have build there.

And I still have to sort out my running stuff.

And I have to run more.

And we have to go to my favourite wine farm with the most amazing food – last year we had amazing pork belly there. They change the menu all the time so I don’t know what we’ll have but I’m sure it will be good. And no I don’t know what the farm’s name is – I just know where it is. Once again that visual brain comes into play.

And for some strange reason we are now insured with two brokers with two policy numbers! I have no idea how this has happened. Got to sort that out as well.

Got to get some budgets done for the boss today.

Have a great weekend – I must run and run and run.

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4 Responses to 1 week!

  1. halberts2014 says:

    Good luck with the run, you’ll be fine

  2. charliesbird says:

    Yay for Cape Town! Enjoy it all, even though, flip, it’s crowded over all the holidays! Next year, if I’m crazy enough, you’ll have to hold my hand and teach me the ways of the 2O…

  3. Deblet says:

    Yah can’t wait for our coffee date.See you very soon.

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