Need, greed, want…

We have the opportunity to buy an amazing car – it is Hubby’s dream car and we can swing the purchase price. The car is not ideal – lots of km’s, out of warranty and buying from friends and this is now my question. How do you decide?

Do we need this car? No
Do we want this car? Yes
Do we deserve this car? I don’t know – how do you make a call on that?
Do we desire this car? Yes we do and that is a sin 🙂
And then my eternal question – when is enough enough?
Or is it just plain greed?

The people of the world have such a capitalistic mindset and I know the world is driven by spending but I’m so resistant. Often on pinterest you would see somebody saying they need that pair of boots or that house or that car. No that is not a need, that is a desire and a want.

So I’m hesitant to say I deserve this car because what makes me more worthy than Joe Soap walking to work? Do I work harder? Do I work smarter? Do I work longer hours? Most probably not, so doesn’t that mean he is more deserving?

Or is it maybe way baser than that – competing with the Jones’?

Everybody at work tells me to buy it because I have to live a little… Is that how I want to live? Through a belonging or a car? Is that really my values?

Aaargghhhh always bloody navel gazing!

How do you decide on this type of thing? Is affordability the main driving force? Or is it much deeper than that…

And if I do buy it – I’ll have a bigger car than Hubby – (evil laugh)

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14 Responses to Need, greed, want…

  1. halberts2014 says:

    Good luck with this decision. Personally I would not buy a car from friends and especially one with lots of km’s on it.

  2. Deblet says:

    Good luck with your decision.
    Just a word of advice someone I know just bought a car from a ‘friend’ and 12 days after buying the car the engine blew. The car had not even been transferred into their name yet…..long story short the whole incident has now gone to court and is turning into a very ugly affair.
    When it comes to cars I do not buy without a motor plan ever and I prefer to buy from a reputable car dealership with guarantees.

    • halberts2014 says:

      I agree Deblet. I mean DH and I work in the motor industry, with engines in particular and although DH knows all about engines and is extremely technical about them, he refuses to have anything to do with our cars. They only go to authorised dealers and they go for their yearly service.
      Ja, a friendly situation can turn nasty quickly.

    • runnermum says:

      I hear you…

      What a terrible story about the friends and the car – gosh – what a terrible situation.

  3. catjuggles says:

    Look at upkeep and what it will cost you to service a car. Generally a much desired car is of the sort that has expensive parts and service —-and you have no warranty

  4. charliesbird says:

    Depends on the car, but hey, I’m a sucker for cars, so I say do it!

  5. charliesbird says:

    Actually, on a more serious note, we bought a Toyota Prado from a friend, which had many km’s on the clock, loved it, had no hassles, and actually sold it back to the previous owner’s father, who is still loving it, 2 years later! It really depends on the car.

    • runnermum says:

      Land Rover Discovery. And my friend and her husband look after their stuff with a passion and are absolutely meticulous.

      • halberts2014 says:

        LOL. DH says he would never buy a Land Rover. After remanufacturing Land Rover engines for the dealers we found them to be such a hassle and so expensive. Well for us anyway. But I suppose every make of car has a dud in the line. A supplier of ours had endless problems with his Peugeot but I loved mine until the day I traded her in.
        It’s your choice I suppose, we can only give our opinion

      • charliesbird says:

        Ok, now I am biased, we have a Disco, love it! I reckon if it’s a good price, go for it!

  6. runnermum says:

    Ahhh just love that us girls can get so passionate about cars. Yep Birdie – Hubby is on his second Landy – I was actually planning to buy a Defender – the 3 door but then I got into it and gosh is it basic but so iconic. So maybe this will make me stop itching to buy a new car.

    @ Helen – you either love or hate Land Rovers – no in between – PE Boss is going to have a heart attack if I buy one!

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