Should I?

This is one of those posts that I don’t really know if I should do it or not. Actually there are two.

1. This post has been sitting on my desktop for more than a month now – an open letter to a “friend” – I still don’t know if I want to actually award her a space on my precious blog – but it may be cathartic for myself and help me come to terms.

2. The State of the nation address last night? Should I?

Ok for today I’m going to stick to number 2 – still don’t really know about 1.

I think the highlight of the evening and something I still giggle about is when the one EFF guy said – pay back the money with EFT, cash or e-wallet! That was just so comical.

And what else can be said – was it the right decision to walk out and let the highest paid criminal in the country go ahead with his empty promises with just his cadres there? I don’t know – I do think Julius should’ve staggered his attack a bit better – they should’ve kept some members in reserve for the rest of the address and interrupted the address a few more times with some more banning during the address.

Actually come to think of it – I was a bit disappointed in ole Julius, I was expecting more puns and punches and bit of staying power!

Madame Helen was trying to be dignified – must say I quite liked her dress – but dignity was lost in the chaos.

If we see the country as a business I don’t have too much hope. Company culture come from the top, just as it does for the country. The example we have from the top is that theft is ok, rape is ok, looting is ok – looting the income of the country for Nkandla, breaking the rules to suit your needs are ok, don’t care about the consequences of your actions or the effect is will have on the rest of the people. So how can we expect the rest of the nation NOT to do it. If you are unhappy about anything – get a mob and set a person’s house alight with their dogs still in the house. Don’t like the red traffic light because you are in a hurry – ahh well just skip it. Don’t like the Somalian shop owner protecting his shop from thugs – ohh well, kill, burn down his shop and now the rest of the community has to walk 5km’s further and pay more for a bread. But you don’t care – you had your moment of revenge and the satisfaction to burn something down.

The examples can go on and on. Hubby is extremely positive and say that the ANC is going to decline each and every election because the Born Frees will start the turn-around. Me? I’m not that positive – too many Born Frees are burdened by bad education and a government who wants to keep the hatred and anger about apartheid going.

Aaarrgggghhhh Runnermum – another exceptionally negative post.


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4 Responses to Should I?

  1. halberts2014 says:

    Maybe email your letter to your “friend” to a blog buddy. It will be like posting it and getting it off your chest but your “friend” won’t know about it. Perhaps after you have pressed “send” you might decide either way whether they need to know about it.
    Didn’t watch the SONA. I heard it turned chaotic though, but what do you expect from a bunch of children.
    I wasn’t really old enough to understand the apartheid era, but from various programmes on TV about that time of our country is very like what we see today. Burning tyres in the streets, throwing stones, looting shops, brutality. Except now there are black policemen, not just white

  2. MamaCat says:

    I feel your frustration RM. There is no one solution here and it all depends on whether people want a solution in the first place.
    I am trying really hard not to be angry and upset by other people. Get rid of the letter to your friend. You will be upset everytime you see it

  3. Miss C says:

    I also am not sure how I feel about the SONA, other than the fact that it takes our “President” five minutes to say what he could have said in 30 seconds. I also had quite a giggle at the “e-wallet” comment.

  4. Deblet says:

    SONA was a joke last night,really makes our country look like fools.As for not allowing foreign nationals to own land this can only negatively affect our country. We need foreign investment in our country.
    But with all this said we are firmly here to stay in RSA and need to make the best of our country that we can.Only hope we can keep the Western Cape in control by the DA.
    As for tour ‘friend’ sometimes it’s just better to be quiet unless she is having some negative affect on your life.

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