Learning, teaching and words

So on Friday I spoke to Hubby about the problem with Zoe and her letter swapping and turning them around. I didn’t even think to ask him to help – he struggles with the homework 🙂

And this is what absolutely amazes me. I’m most definitely a more visual learner – I can remember that I taught myself in Grade 2, to see a word with a D and then I would know which why the D or B should go in the word that I need to write. I tried this trick with Zoe by making her try and visualise a word after writing it a few times but as you know by now that was an abysmal failure.

So Hubby sat her down and show her how to associate the B, P and D with something else and lo and behold it worked. Every single letter that she wrote yesterday was the right way around! It just goes to show that people learn differently and people teach differently. No wonder that kids sometimes struggle to learn with a certain teacher and with another teacher the bloom!

I’m visual and Hubby is associative, it makes me wonder what other styles you get. This just shows me that Hubby will have to be more involved in future to help Zoe with schoolwork.

Strange how a word can stick. Vapid keeps on popping up in my head and the strangest thing is that every time it pops in my head, I see a very specific person. There we go with the visual aspect again!! Actually quite a nice sounding word – not a very nice meaning though. I love words – Coenie de Villiers must be one of my favourite people to listen to – his usage of Afrikaans and his vocabulary is absolutely amazing – I wish I can talk like that.

Have a good day and stay cool if you are in Gauteng – gosh it is hot!

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2 Responses to Learning, teaching and words

  1. halberts2014 says:

    There are like 4 different ways of learning. My Baby Centre email detailed it last week.
    Good for hubby.

  2. Deblet says:

    Well done to Hubbie.I find the girls are great with helping teach LO things in a different way to me.I love Google, there are many u tube videos you can watch to help the kids learn things,especially maths problems.

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