When will this madness ends?

So the armed robbery at Bedford centre was just way too close to home. I absolutely love going there because I always had the perception that because it is a smaller mall and all parking areas are paid parking it should be safer.

Well obviously not – 30 gunmen with assault rifles and bullets not available to the open market had a gun fight with security guards in the mall yesterday morning. 3 Civilians injured, thank God, nobody died.

However this now brings me to my real concern and fear. What will I do if I’m ever in a situation like that and lets face the facts in South Africa it is actually a reality and it can happen. I ALWAYS have Zoe with me, how do I protect her against something like that. Hah – how do I protect her at all? We are not safe anywhere – families bludgeoned with an axe in their home in a security complex. Kids run over and left for dead by a blue light car skipping a traffic light.

Is there safety in numbers? Should I only go to shops during peak periods because then it is harder for the criminals to move around? Should I avoid malls completely? Beford centre is extremely quiet during the week and I’m sure that was one of the motivations for the criminals.

A very dear friend of mine is moving to New Zeeland. And to be quite frank? I can’t blame her. Her children are still small and the ties to the family aren’t there yet, so for her it is easier to go. For us? I don’t know – how to tell Zoe that she won’t see her Grandma every day anymore, heartbreak on both sides.

When will the people in this beautiful country wake up and realise that the current government don’t care about them and only care about themselves and the enrichment of themselves and their cronies.

R700 billion lost to corruption over 20 years. Have you made that sum? How many jobs, houses, hospitals, teachers, policemen and women, jails and electricity generators could have been supplied by that huge amount of money. How much extra tax could’ve been collected by government because of the extra jobs? How can a few justify getting R700 billion? When is enough, enough? How do you justify such excess?

Anyway – kicking the soap box under my desk and getting back to work.

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2 Responses to When will this madness ends?

  1. halberts2014 says:

    This kind of thing makes you want to shop online. Violence is everywhere, every country. We just see more of our own

  2. Deblet says:

    It’s very scary just how many Malls have been attacked. Couple of our have been hit too all very early or late in evening.I try not to let it bother me but you can’t help but feel very aware that it can happen to any of us.

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