Tears in my eyes…

This morning my eyes are tearing up the whole time but it is because I’m wearing contact lenses. I went for an eye test on Saturday basically to get a certificate for the drivers license renewal but obviously the optometrist tried to talk me into buying new glasses. I’m in the unique situation where I have one eye that can see far and one eye that can see close by – so they are basically taking turns to work! It’s been like that since I was 16 but the past month or so I found that I just couldn’t focus on the computer screen anymore. So my eyes are still exactly the same in terms of weakness but they get tired and that is why the focus thing is a problem. I stopped her right in her tracks when she started to go on about bi-focals, tri-focals, multiple glasses etc. I told her to just give me a sample pair of contact lenses – however she gave me the bi-focal contact lenses and now I can really see nothing! Everything is out of focus. I look like a rapid dog because I’m rolling my eyes the whole time to try and get something, anything into focus!! I don’t think this is going to work for me. Hence that tears.

And then on Friday morning I fell in the kitchen at work – I had high wedges on, the kitchen floor was freshly washed and wet and the moment I stepped onto the tiles my legs just went in all directions. I only realised I fell when I was on my hands and knees on the floor. So now my one elbow and knee is sporting gigantic purple bruises! It was just so so so sore and I really just wanted to cry! But it didn’t stop me from running a 15km yesterday!

So it was our club championship for 15km yesterday and that is why I had to go and run the 15km even though my knee hurts and my foot hurt when it came of the wedge etc. I came first in my age category in our club – there is just one glitch – I’m the only in the club in that age category that actually runs. So is that an achievement then? Ohh well, I’ll take what I can get get! 🙂

Ok – eye roll again – whole screen is blank! Blink blink blink – nope not working – going to type on memory now – at least I can see the red squiggles if I make a spelling mistake.

I’m sure I told you about the LIA – love in action – project they have at school. You adopt a child from a poor family and you give that child pocket money on a weekly basis and you bake the child something for their birthday and give me them a gift. Well around May my child’s mom came to school and resigned from the project, so I didn’t have a child anymore. Friday when I picked up Zoe the coordinator of the project asked me if I’ll take on a new child. Well obviously the answer was yes and then she gave me the Christmas wish list of this child. She is now in Grade 2 – 8 years old. the list was broken down into very urgent, urgent and nice to have. Under very urgent she wrote – stuff to bath and deodorant. Under urgent a hair brush and under nice to have – all the girly things like a doll, earrings, make-up, stuff for her hair etc etc. And then I look at everything Zoe has and this child needs a hairbrush! And then right at the bottom of the list was flowers. I thought it was a bit strange until the coordinator told me that the girl wrote it on there because she wants to give it to her mom. The coordinator then told me that we are not allowed to spend more than R300 and I shouldn’t buy the bath and deodorant stuff because she is going to try and buy that out of the school budget.

Well all I can say is that I bought every single thing on this list and I didn’t stick to the budget. We have so much, how can I deprive another child? But then being the strange being I am – I did start to wonder about the other 2 siblings who may not receive anything and then I also starting to question the whole project – by giving this child Christmas present, am I not enabling the parents not to provide? Aaarrghgh stop thinking!

And then I started to think about how we perceive charity as something that happens at childrens homes etc, shouldn’t we rather look closer to home and see what the needs are so close by. It just seems although the need in the previously middle class neighbourhoods are just spiralling out of control.

And now I really can’t see and the tears are streaming. Got to go and get this stuff out of my eyes now!

Have a blessed day!

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3 Responses to Tears in my eyes…

  1. halberts2014 says:

    LOL at the red squiggles showing you a typo. Shame man, I hope you can find something that works for you. I have PC glasses, but they only stop the glare, they aren’t actually for improving vision, nothing wrong with that.
    Ouch on the falling. I bet you got up quickly and looked around to see who had seen you. Ouch man, eina.
    Shame man, how horrible that a child needs a brush. Mind you, sometimes I wonder if the little religious girl across the road needs a brush. I just want to brush her hair when I see her. I swear she’s trying to grow dreadlocks or something. And then I wonder what mother lets her daughter go out with unbrushed hair ?????

  2. Oh you made me cry! Every year I think about Santa’s shoebox and think that this little (like soap) can make a child so happy. But you know, every little bit I guess helps

  3. Deblet says:

    Wow the school project sounds very cool, lovely to help your own community.Boy contact lenses sound like fun, it took me a few days to get used to my multi focal glasses, especially when using my computer.
    Flip your knees and elbows must be sore, well done on the race.

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