Our kids need to be restful

This has been a hectic year – not only for me but also for Zoe – I think even for the easiest child the transition from pre-school to Grade 1 is a massive change and adjustment.

Hubby is in Cape Town for the whole week and I now have this other job in the afternoons so poor old Zoe has to stay at after care and then go home with my mom and I only pick her up at about 5 in the afternoons – gosh I didn’t expect to miss her so much.

I’ve realised over the weekend that as a core family we are really exhausted. We never sleep enough – go to bed late and get up very early each morning and we are always on the go, be it with chores, exercise, other people or just out and about. So my conscious decision for this week was to be more restful, to have no demands on Zoe or myself and to let peace prevail.

And let me tell you I’m amazed at the difference in both of us after just two days. I don’t cook dinner, we have pre-made meals from Woolies – if we feel like eating, if we don’t feel like dinner we don’t eat. Zoe has been quietly writing in her journal and drawing and making pictures to stick in the journal. And at 8 at night we switch off the light. I don’t sleep immediately but just lie in bed on my back in a meditative state.

We are both much calmer, no more shouting and fighting in the mornings to get ready and we are getting ready much faster, we leave the house earlier and it is not a mad scramble to get to school and work. Even the dogs are calmer.

There is so much pressure on all of us that I think that we all need to switch off from the world every now and again and just be and recharge our batteries.

The new afternoon job is most definitely not going to turn into a full time thing – it is basically a cashbook clerk and my time is way more valuable that to spend each afternoon posting bank statements.

Zoe has asked for a journal and I’m really pleasantly surprised in her creativity and writing skills. I suppose that is the first step to becoming a blogger – we all have journals – just not the writing type but they typing type.

Have a wonderful day.

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5 Responses to Our kids need to be restful

  1. halberts2014 says:

    LOL @ “even the dogs are calmer” We are homebodies ourselves, so I think we are rather relaxed. We are switched off from the world. Bedtime for us, all of us, is about 8.30 each night when Liam and I retire to his room and fall asleep together.
    I’m not looking forward to next year. Grade R, new school, new routines to get used to. Blegh, I hate change.

    • runnermum says:

      I hear you on change and I do think the fear of change gets worse the older we become.

      Isn’t it just fantastic to fall asleep next to those tiny warm bodies, that surrender to sleep so completely?

  2. charliesbird says:

    Love that she journals, that is so cool.

  3. Deblet says:

    Sounds like a lovely peaceful week.You are right in realising we are very busy as are the kids so down time is very important, it gets worse as the kids get older.

  4. MamaCat says:

    That is so cool with Zoe and jet journal. I think it is great way to get your mind in order.
    I know when we have been too busy, we disconnect and start to fight about everything.
    Enjoy the quieter times

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