9 on a Monday morning

So it is only 9 on the first day of the week, what did I have to deal with up to now?


Tooth extraction

Flood of tears in the dentist assistants’ arms

Fight with the wrong dentist

Pharmacy visit for 10 days worth of antibiotics.

So in more detail, since yesterday Zoe was complaining about a sore tooth.  I looked and I was puzzled because I was sure that the tooth that was sore was one that was extracted at the end of August.  However I just thought that I have the wrong end of the stick.

This morning she woke up and her whole left side of her face was swollen, her mouth was so sore that she couldn’t talk.  I tried the dentist from 7 and when I stopped in front of the school they answered, I explained the situation and I made a u-turn and took her to the dentist.

There I told them that the dentist did see the abscess develop and that is the reason why he was going to pull the tooth.

Other dentist offered to see us because by this time Zoe was a pale as a ghost.  He started to puzzle and look at her chart and look at her mouth and lo and behold the %&&*%^%$%#$$$% stupid dentist pulled the wrong tooth, so the abscess was still there and it was here that I lost control, burst into tears, and started to swear like a trooper.

Well this dentist was just as upset and I now have an appointment with the original dentist on Wednesday to give him a piece of my mind.  This poor child has no teeth because of all the mishaps and the he extracts the wrong tooth.

And then I ask him what we do now?  Can’t go to the day clinic again to have the same tooth extracted and he can only do sedation in November and that is way too late.  So then we lied to poor Zoe and I had to watch when he injected her and then extracted the tooth – she was crying as hard as I was by this time.

Another school day missed another morning where I have to find excuses because I’m late.

And now she is on a round of antibiotics and I am getting angrier and angrier – goodness that dentist is going to get a piece of my mind.

Mom is fine, just not very mobile.

And since I now once again proved 2nd in charge wrong on Thursday he is on my case since 4 this morning with accusatory emails, so I have to jump to get everything done to his satisfaction.

Really, I’m tired.

94 days left in this year.


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4 Responses to 9 on a Monday morning

  1. halberts2014 says:

    OMG man, I can only imagine how cross you are with that dentist. He should surely cover charges of the next extraction?
    Poor Zoe, bless her, what a rough start to the week.
    Emails at 4am? I knew there was a reason why I insist my phone is my phone, nothing else. Work stays at work.
    Funny, DH and are tired also. Is it just that time of year where we know it’s nearly over?

  2. Rox says:

    Oh my word, that is entirely negligent of the dentist, I can imagine that you must be fuming and how traumatic for Zoe. I hope that they didn’t charge you for today’s appointment!!

  3. charliesbird says:

    Groan! I’m sorry. You really are not having a great time…

  4. nusha78 says:

    Oh goodness!!! How awful … poor Zoe! I can only imagine how peeved you are at the dentist … he deserves a good yelling at. HOw on earth did he manage to pull the wrong tooth??? Pure negligence!

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