Really Karma?

I was so positive that September will be a better month and that things will start to look up.  But nope it doesn’t look like that was on the cards.

Tomorrow is my birthday but we are going to Sabie with a whole crowd of people to run there.  So Hubby said we should go somewhere last night to celebrate.  I chose to go to a restaurant in Melrose Arch – we don’t go there often but I love the whole ambiance of the area.  Well I haven’t ordered a drink yet and my phone rang.  And it is my Mom – she fell of a bar chair whilst taking a suitcase out of her cupboard and her foot looks bad.  I ask her if we should take her to hospital but she said no.

I promised myself a cosmopolitan as a drink and it was so good I had two.  So after dinner which was salmon with veggies and a sweet potato – quite low carb friendly I BBM’ed my mom.

Well my brother was taking her to hospital but now remember that he has two small children.  So I dropped Zoe and Hubby at home and drove to the hospital with my two cosmopolitan drunkeness – I get drunk very very easily because I never drink!  Luckily the hospital is only one stop street and a traffic light from our house!

Got to the hospital and my brother left and the waiting commences.  Finally the dr came in and he didn’t even look at my mom’s foot – just send her for X ray’s – really?  I could’ve done that.  X rays done and even my accountant eye could see that the small bone in her foot going to the little toe was snapped.  So I left the hospital at 11 last night – and obviously was so charged up that I couldn’t sleep the rest of the night.

So it is only 9 in the morning and I have had 2 cups of coffee and am now on my first can of Coke.  Yes and I don’t drink Coke and it does taste waaaaayy to sweet but I need the caffeine to get through this day.

So that is now six weeks in a cast – can’t drive and can’t exercise at all.  The driving is a bit of a problem because I don’t really know how she’ll get to work but we’ll sort it out.  Brother lives in the same complex as my mom and he has to drop his kids at school so he would just have to shoulder some responsibility and pick my mom up and drop her at work.  Afternoons are easier because I can pick her up and drive her around.

Now we are trying to get her an appointment at an orthopedic surgeon which seems to be impossible on a Friday.

Ohh and did I mention that the doctor actually booked me of work yesterday morning because my hay fever is so bad?

Zoe and Hubby gave me my birthday present yesterday evening as well.  An absolutely gorgeous white gold filigree ring – I’ve been wanting one for years and years.

I’ll post a piccie later, I just don’t have the mental capabilities this morning to struggle to get a photo uploaded.

And the there are still things to be grateful for.  My mom could’ve fallen and broken her hip and not her foot.  While they were putting her cast on I went to visit somebody I know that was in high care.  He is 32 and he has peripheral arterial disease.  This is normally a disease associated with people over 60.  The bottom line is that his blood is so thick and the arteries so narrow that no blood and oxygen is going to his extremities.  He is on the verge of loosing at least a toe but more probably a foot or a leg.  I was almost in tears because this is one of the most positive people I know and he lives for his ball room dancing.  And now he may never dance again.

Still lots and lots to be thankful for.

I’ve now told my  mom that she must still go to Sabie with us because I will just worry about her the whole weekend if she is here in Gauteng alone – at least if she is with us in Sabie, I can keep an eye on her and I will know that she is not alone.

Have a great weekend and when I talk to you again I’ll be a 40 something! 🙂

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2 Responses to Really Karma?

  1. halberts2014 says:

    Hope you have a good birthday tomorrow.
    Hope your mum heals quickly.

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