Chills 9/11

I know there are tragedies that is much bigger than the tragedy on 9/11 in New York 13 years ago but I do think it was the first time that something of that magnitude happened “live”.  Even the bomb attacks on the tubes in London a few years later didn’t have the same impact.

We tried to explain to Zoe this morning what happened but I do think that it is just so big that her little brain can’t begin to comprehend it.  The highest building she’s been into was hotel with about 25 floors.

Seeing the footage of the planes flying into the Twin Towers this morning actually gave me the chills.

I can remember sitting at work in London and how everybody was trying to get on the internet to see what is happening, people leaving to go and watch live coverage in the pub around the corner.  To hear how my friend was evacuated from their sky scraper in London town.  And I phoned Hubby and told him, because at that time he was working with Americans and he laughed and told me it is a hoax and about 10 minutes later he phoned me and in a quiet voice told me that all Americans were called out of the offices and they have all left in tears.

It was horrible and terrifying and way way to close to home since we were in England then.

A few months later I was actually in New York and I visited Ground Zero.  That was one of the most haunting moments in my life.  I don’t know if it was just my over active imagination but I stood next to those giant craters and I felt this heavy oppressive silence.  Something so dark and sad that words can’t begin to describe it.

And yes I know – Sudan is bad, Israel is bad, Palestine is bad, Ukraine is bad, DRC is bad, hell apartheid in our own country was and is bad – but to see it on TV like that was just something else.  Actually thinking about it – in Vilikazi street in Soweto when we visited Nelson Mandela’s house I also felt something BUT in this case it was more of a sadness but surrounded by light and positive energy?  And before I go completely off the rails with strange feelings, I’m going to stop.

Where were you on 9/11?





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4 Responses to Chills 9/11

  1. MamaCat says:

    I was at varsity and I arrived home to everyone glued to the TV

  2. halberts2014 says:

    I was at work. We thought our receptionist was talking rubbish when she told us. I think it was before we even had internet at work

  3. nusha78 says:

    I was working shifts. I had just got home from the night shift and saw it all on CNN …

  4. Deblet says:

    I had a day off and sat watching it all live on CNN on TV.I remember phoning my Dad and Hubbie often as it all happened…… was a very scary day.

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