Ahh life – what an interesting thing

Tuesday evening – ohhh so happy – I have a spring in my step, my mad tenant is out, I’m ignoring all her What’sapp and other messages and the new tenant is moving into the other house on Wednesday!  Our lawyer running friend is handling the legal tussle with the mad tenant and the damage in the house is not too expensive to fix

And then the universe looked at me and laughed!

Went for a run Tuesday night and bamm of goes the electricity again!  Luckily I was running with Hubby and another male friend so I wasn’t alone and they stuck to me like glue because it is scary to run when it is pitch black dark.

Tuesday night – somewhere at about 12 my poor old cat had a massive seizure – I could just look on helplessly – I really didn’t know what to do.  Seizure over, she jumped on the bed and started to purrr – huh?  Wednesday morning – she is fine, well as fine as 14 year old cat can be.

Tenant moved into the house and within 40 minutes he wants to cancel the lease.  Yes you read that right.  One of the old biddies in the complex accosted him before he even started to move in and proceeded to tell him how dangerous it is in the complex and they have robberies and house break ins and that the house he is moving into had a robbery over the weekend!

Then a letter from the mad tenants lawyer threatening us.  Huh you threatening me?  How the hell do you even think you can do that.

And then I lost it – started to send emails to the letting agent, phoned their head office and basically turning into a Banshee.  Well it worked – they are giving me some money back – not much but at least something towards the repairs.

And then I found out who the old biddy was that made so much trouble for me with the new tenant.  I drove there , somebody let me in and I knocked on her door.  And I let rip, I told her exactly what her stupid gossip means and if she will pay the rent if this tenant moves out and if she will pay the agents fee again and would she like it if I allow some drug lord with a prostitution ring to move in here because after all her gossip that may be the only people willing to move into this dangerous area.  While I was keeping up this very strict angry facade, I was rolling on the floors of my mind with laughter about this lady’s antics.  She is an excellent actress and I could see that this is not the first time that somebody is calling her to task and she has this fake moves to elicit sympathy.  Holding onto the front door, closing her eyes and putting a hand over her heart.  She offered to go and talk to the new tenant to put right the misunderstanding and I forbid her to get close to him again!  I told her I’m going to come and take  her car if I loose this tenant!  Ohh the drama!

Hubby is in Cape Town so last night Zoe and myself had cookies and tea for dinner and spend the evening in bed chatting.  Wonderful!

This weekend we are going to the Drakensberg – Hubby is running Mount Aux Sources and I’m going to sit in my chair and stare at the mountain and soak up the peace.

And now I just have to say – that labour lawyer I used is amazing – he gave me such a sense that I have a security net under me and when I asked him for the bill yesterday it was incredibly low for such a qualified guy.  I can really recommend him.

Have a wonderful day!

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4 Responses to Ahh life – what an interesting thing

  1. halberts2014 says:

    Wow, sjoe. Ever think of selling both your houses you are renting out? They really do sound more trouble than they are worth.
    Good on you for calling that old biddy out. I bet she wasn’t expecting you to pitch up on her door. Really, these people who have nothing better to do than gossip.
    What’s with you and the electricity?

    • runnermum says:

      The power sub stations were not maintained and they are blowing up or they steal the cables. The Ekhuruleni mayor lives in our street and I must say that the temptation to burn a few tyres in front of his house is very tempting.

      I’ve discussed the idea of selling these house with an estate agent friend and she has advised us not to do it. There is that massive development schedule to begin in Modderfontein and both houses are close to that and the value of the smaller properties will skyrocket in the next year or so, so I should hang on. We;ve had the one property for more than 9 years and it is the first time that I’ve had so much problems.

  2. sharons58 says:

    Oh my I had such a chuckle at the image of you on the old lady’s doorstep! Thank you I needed that. Hugs for you all. xx

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