Working on acceptance in a few areas

The first place is work. I need to accept that Second in Charge is not going anywhere. He is in the absolute ideal territory for his personality – he can do what he wants and will always have the stick of retrenchment, short pay and firing people because of his mistakes in his hand. He is earning a bucket full of money and why should he leave when it is all going his way. My choice is if I can work under these circumstances and do I want to work under these circumstances? And once I have made that choice I better be prepared to stick to it and stop crying and navel gazing about it. I’ve given myself a week to sort it out, I kind of know myself and I know that I’m not the type to sit at home. So basically I’ve made the choice to stay but now I have to act and accept this choice and stop complaining and crying about it. Believe me, I’m still keeping my eyes peeled for other work but the job market is horrific at the moment.

Acceptance that I can’t do anything about Zoe’s teeth – she has good oral hygiene and we can just look forward. I’ve read a few things on the internet and she is now on Zymaflour and a daily dose of Cod Liver Oil – let’s hope and pray it works.

Acceptance that some people come in your life, use you and spit you out. I’m exceptionally hurt today about the treatment I’ve received on the hand of a so called friend, I’m not going to say anything else because I’ve been in enough trouble about things I say on this blog. She knows about my blog but I’m not too certain if she still reads it.

Acceptance that the world is full of pain and heartache and I can’t change it and I can’t do anything about it and to loose sleep over it is just not worth it. How can a 12 year old commit suicide, how can a 12 year old child fall pregnant. How can a man tell his wife that her hobbies and career is not good enough and she should stop with it and find something better?

Acceptance that people may perceive you incorrectly and that nothing you do can change that. Leave at that and life my live the way I know is true.

I know this is a terrible post but I want it somewhere where I can come back and read it and see how I’ve progressed in this process.

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7 Responses to Working on acceptance in a few areas

  1. Helen says:

    Sounds like you need a hug RM. ((((0))))
    Hope things start looking up

  2. nusha78 says:

    Definitely sound like you need a hug…. {{{{{YOU}}}}} 🙂

    I hope you’re OK RM!

  3. charliesbird says:

    There is that lovely saying “If you are going through hell, keep going” You can’t look back, only forward, and you will emerge, stronger, braver and wiser. Keep going, girl, keep going!

  4. MamaCat says:

    Great attitude…serenity prayer works for me.

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