Feeling like such a terrible mother today

OK so today is “beating myself up because I failed as a mum day”! And yes the dentist assured me that nothing I did would’ve prevented this prognosis but you know what it doesn’t help! I still feel terrible and I’m just hoping technology will help one day.

So Zoe’s been complaining about a sore tooth AGAIN! Took her to the dentist and her permanent teeth that comes out at around 6 is rotten – the two on her right hand side. They’re not even fully grown yet but the are already rotten – the dentist showed me and the tooth is completely hollow inside. So how did this happen – he says that she must’ve had a high fever whilst the teeth were developing and they got so badly damaged that they actually started to rot whilst in the jawbone. So now two of her permanent teeth that has to last her until she die has to be removed.

So now I started to think back to pinpoint the times she had fever and I can actually only remember her having high fevers twice. And now I’m thinking that maybe I should’ve left her a the day mother longer instead of sending her to the creche because she was sick for about 6 weeks after putting her in creche and that was the problem. Or I should’ve taken her to hospital sooner when she did develop a fever. Aaarrgggghhhh!!!!

I feel absolutely terrible, teeth can’t be replaced and she is now most probably going to be bound to a lifetime of troublesome teeth and sky high dentist bills. I really don’t want her to bear this cross. My mom has weak teeth and I’ve seen how she struggles and how much money she has to spend to have nice teeth.

So my hope is that sooner rather than later that they would be able to print a tooth on a 3D scanner and just pop it into Zoe’s mouth!

And then the dentist also warned me that we better start saving for her to have orthodontic work – her mouth is so small that she will have problems with all the big teeth. No surprises there – I went through the whole braces thing so I kind off expected it.

And now I’m going to leave and enjoy wallowing in my totally irrational guilt!

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9 Responses to Feeling like such a terrible mother today

  1. halberts2014 says:

    Oh shame man, don’t beat yourself up about it. Some people just have trouble with their teeth. DH also has bad teeth, Liam and I not. There is nothing that you could’ve done to prevent it and putting her in creche earlier certainly didn’t do it.
    Oh man, big hugs to you. At least it’s her back teeth so they aren’t easily seen

  2. MamaCat says:

    I did not even know things like this happened!
    I know you feel really bad, and if it makes you feel better to beat yourself over the head, then do so.
    She will be fine. Yes it will cost more, but she can get crowns and no one will know any different. She will be fine. Do not worry too much about it, as there is no way you can make them grow right now. She will be fine. You need to tell yourself she will be fine. Zoe will grow up with other gifts besides teeth and she will be fine. You are a great Mom! You will always be a great Mom.

  3. charliesbird says:

    I know what you mean… I am terrified about teeth and eye issues – we only get one chance at them! I guess the small mercy is it has been found early, and maybe you can boost her fluoride and calcium now and see if that doesn’t help. You’d be classified as a bad mom if you ignored her pain (or that temperature way back when) and she ended up with a jaw problem!
    Vasbyt and enjoy the weekend!

    • runnermum says:

      Don’t even start on eyes – have you read “We need to talk about Kevin”? part of the storyline is about a lost eye (dont’ want to give too much away) and it still haunts me. I read it when I was pregnant with Zoe, so quite a while ago.

      • charliesbird says:

        Oh my word, that book was a total mindf*&k, read it onn holiday in the UK, and could NOT put it down. Yes, eyes are my personal freak out squeamishness, after spit.

  4. nusha78 says:

    Oh shame man! You’re a wonderful mother doing the very best you can for your child. This isn’t your fault. Hey and maybe since her mouth is so small the space at the back will help the rest of her teeth spread out a little so the orthodontics won’t be as bad as they would have been… you never know 🙂
    Hope you’re feeling better ….

  5. Deblet says:

    Wow teeth are an issue with LO too,she seems to have Hubbie krappy teeth genes,both MK and BB have great teeth but LO not so great.
    Good luck,so many things influence tooth development,but you only hear about them once the kids teeth are vrot

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